Players might get an error while beginning FFXIV after an update. Right here are some fixes because that the unable to finish version update error in FFXIV.

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By Parth HiranandaniOn Jun 4, 2021

Final Fantasy has constructed a faithful fanbase through multiple releases over decades. To keep the pan hooked they also keep top top introducing brand-new updates along with new installments. V so lot content coming in occasionally players do confront some errors. The can not to finish version update error is one of them. Stop see exactly how to settle the can not to complete version update error in FFXIV.

How To solve The can not To complete Version upgrade Error In last Fantasy 14?


There is no official acknowledgment that the error which is why over there is no specific method to deal with it. Players from all across the internet have uncovered solutions of their own. Below are few of the fixes you have the right to try:

Game document Integrity

Press the right click on the steam icon and select the “Run together administrator” option. Now look for the surname of the game under the steam library. Right-click on last fantasy 14 and then choose the properties option.

Go come the Local documents tab and also under it, girlfriend will uncover an choice of “Verify truth of video game files”. Click it and also after the procedure is complete try launching the video game again this time you could not check out the unable to finish version upgrade error.

VPN and also Server Issue

Sometimes the problem is through the server together some might be overburdened depending upon the time zones also. Once you conference the error try transforming the server or the location using VPN. ~ you have changed try launching the game again and also hopefully you can not watch the unable to finish version update error.

Background Application

Players should know that last fantasy is a heavy game, and installing an upgrade will furthermore increase the lamb requirements. Try clearing room by closing every the background apps to gain some extra memory.


Sometimes her firewall might misinterpret some video game files and also block them. Go to the start menu and select the setups tab. Click on “Update and Security” and under it choose the “Windows Security” option.

Look for the “Virus and Threat Protection” in the “Protection area” tab, right-click on it and select the “manage settings” option. Walk to the “Real-time Protection” tab and set the toggle switch to “off”. girlfriend will obtain a warning pop-up so pick Yes ~ above it. When done restart your device and try launching the game again.


An error can happen in FFXIV due to the fact that your antivirus could be blocking the paper or could have turned off one. Revolve off her antivirus and try launching the game as this might fix the issue.

Bandwith or Network issue

To play digital on the over-burdened servers of last Fantasy 14 you need a very good internet connection. If the bandwidth is short or there space some connectivity problems you can get the can not to complete version check error.

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Now that you know just how to solve the error, do inspect out our article to know around the ideal DPS great in the 5.4 upgrade in FFXIV.