Gil is pretty simple to obtain in this game. However there is one special currency that’s much harder come get—mostly due to the fact that it bring away a the majority of time come find and also complete the relevant challenges—and it is the MGP in final Fantasy XIV. As soon as you lastly learn just how to obtain plenty that MGP v this guide, you going come be having actually a much easier time acquiring this thing going. This currency can be invested by purchasing a great variety the items, including Triple Triad Cards, glamours, and mounts.

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Best resources for MGP in Final Fantasy XIV

The most common means for obtaining MGP in last Fantasy XIV is to finish the assorted Gold Saucer challenges the video game hands you.

Complete 3 Mini-Games (1,000 MGP)Earn 100 MGP indigenous Mini-Games (1,500 MGP)Participate in 5 GATEs (5,000 MGP)Successfully finish 3 GATEs (8,000 MGP)Enter 3 Chocobo Races (5,000 MGP)Enter 20 Chocobo Races (8,000 MGP)Play Triple Triad 10 Times (5,000 MGP)Win 10 Triple Triad Matches (8,000 MGP)Play 5 Triple Triad Matches in the Battlehall (2,500 MGP)Win 3 Triple Triad Matches in the Battlehall (3,000 MGP)Play lord of Verminion 1 Times (5,000 MGP)Play mr of Verminion 3 Times (10,000 MGP)Play mr of Verminion 5 Times (12,000 MGP)Participate in 2 Doman Mahjong Player Matches (5,000 MGP)

Methods and also Helpful Hints


One of the an ext challenging, but engaging, ways to farm yard MGP in final Fantasy XIV is to execute GATE quests. Lock take ar every 20 minute in the yellow Saucer and also are random mini-games each time. They’re very fun if you deserve to master them. Why not offer them a spin when you’re in town.


Here are some of the best GATEs for farming MGP:

Cliffhanger (3.000 MGP)Air force One (4.000 MGP)Leap the Faith (4.000 MGP)Any method the Wind Blows (7.500 MGP)The slice is Right (5.000 MGP)

Triple Triad Matches

This is among the simpler ways to knife MGP in the game. Completing just the solo Triple Triad Matches can earn a ton the MGP, as much as 13,000. However it’s the tournaments you yes, really want. Winning among those deserve to earn approximately 18,500 MGP. You deserve to just beat Jonas the the Tree Spades in the yellow Saucer to gain the straightforward MGP difficulties out of the way. And also the best part is, it’s just like the standard FF8 map game.


Jumbo and Mini Cactpot

Jumbo and Mini Cactpot space basically lottery mini-games, either in weekly or day-to-day variants. Each one expenses MGP to enter and also has rewards depending upon which variation you play.

The enlarge payoff originates from the Jumbo Cactpot game. Girlfriend buy tickets every week, v prizes attracted each Saturday. Visit the golden Saucer every Saturday to check out the prize draw and claim any type of rewards friend have. Three Tickets prices 100 MGP. The prize starts at the basic of 1,000 MGP because that the winner, v it scaling upwards based upon the variety of tickets marketed that week. Every ticket after that initial 3 buy-in likewise costs 50 MGP extra.

Mini Cactpot is an additional option together well, together it’s a little easier. It’s a daily occasion that’s a bit easier than the Jumbo variant, and also it has a lower expense of entry: 10 MGP.

It’s very basic, you have actually a 3 x 3 square that has one digit revealed. Your job is to choose three other numbers to disclose via a scratchoff. The sum of the number in the row you choose determines how much MGP you obtain in return. The rewards are random, and also not as great as the Jumbo version, however it’s a an extremely quick technique that can obtain you as much as 10,000 MGP. You can only execute this 3 times per day though.

Chocobo Races

These races will generate as weekly and also daily events in the game. Every you should do is compete and come in first a few times to earn a quite chunk that MGP. Friend don’t have to win, so just have fun v it.

And even if you’re not that good at them, they have the right to be tons of fun. Girlfriend don’t should be super an excellent and come in very first to knife MGP though, i m sorry is nice. So have some funny and try a couple of races to view if the technique fits you.


Gold Saucer VIP Card

The gold Saucer VIP card is a great help for farming the MGP tokens. This consumable will give you a 2-hour rise to her drop price of MGP native Chocobo Races, Mini Games, GATEs, and also both Cactpots. However, that does not include difficulty Logs. So store a couple of of this on-hand to aid speed increase farming when you’ve uncovered your proven method.

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