Fel-O-Guard® plus 3 stays clear of Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and also PanleukopeniaModified live virus; no adjuvantThree-way injectable vaccineProtects versus three core illness in cats
Please Note:* Don"t forget to order needles and also syringes.* Learn about our meeting to gift The pet Vaccine Experts* Vaccines with live viruses can not be shipped to Minnesota there is no a precious prescription. Please check out our pets Pharmacy because that ordering information.* Vaccines are non-returnable.

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give thanks to you for your attention in the Revival pet Health pets Pharmacy! as we continue to grow, us look front to offering you added products and also services to aid you v all your prescription needs. You have the right to place a prescription order virtual or through calling among our an individual Pet treatment Pros in ~ 800-786-4751. In order to get prescription medicines from Revival, we will require the prescription from your veterinarian. We deserve to accept prescriptions with these methods: her Veterinarian:
Prescription Authorization Forms Click here to download ours Prescription Authorization Form. You can also call united state at 800-786-4751 or email united state at rx
trident-gaming.net to receive the form. Your veterinarian will should fill the end the kind and fax it back to us at 877-335-2680.Fax
her veterinarian have the right to fax the original prescription from your office to our pharmacy at 877-335-2680. We can only accept faxed prescriptions indigenous a veterinarian, so please execute not fax the prescription yourself.PhoneYour veterinary can call our pharmacy directly at 712-737-5555 x134 and authorize the prescription. If our pharmacologists are no available, please leave a message. All prescription authorizations will call for an order and payment information before we can ship the medications. If her veterinarian has sent in a prescription form, please ar an order digital or over the phone. You:MailYou can send the original written prescription (no picture copies) to:Revival pet Health pet PharmacyPO box 200Orange City, IA 51041Please include your bespeak number through your prescription. Every prescriptions will continue to be on file at Revival. Prescriptions space valid because that one year or till the full quantity has actually been dispensed, whichever happens first.Click below for shipping details for prescription items.

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A prescription should contain the adhering to information before being filled in ~ a pharmacy. Name of owner name and varieties of the pet Name of drug strength of the medicine Dosage form of the drug amount of the drug Directions of use date of issuance Vet"s name through signature and also state patent number number of refills authorized A prescription may be transmitted through facsimile (fax) to the pharmacy only by the prescribing veterinarian. The prescription can not be faxed come the pharmacy by the owner the the animal. The owner may acquire the original prescription from the vet and mail that in. commonwealth (U.S.A.) law restricts the use of Rx medicine to be used by, or ~ above the stimulate of, a license is granted Veterinarian. Please Note: due to federal and state law, us cannot expropriate returns that prescription medications, so please make your selections carefully.