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…“Fear not, for I have actually redeemed you; i have referred to as you by name, you space mine. 2When friend pass v the waters, I will be v you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk with fire girlfriend shall not be burned, and the fire shall no consume you. 3For i am the LORD your God, the holy One that Israel, your Savior…” –Isaiah 43:1-3

What reassures you in time of an obstacle and hardship? What provides you lull in the midst of significant pain? native what resource of strength carry out you attract when suffering is a reality in her life, or when it is inescapable in the days come come? How have the right to you quell the herbal feelings the fear—feelings that have the right to so easily consume us?

In Isaiah 41:10 (last week’s Fighter Verse), and in Isaiah 43:1-3 (this week’s Fighter Verse), God provides the factor why His kids need no fear. They will not be overcome by their situation and circumstance for one reason: God is v them. That is a staggering reality and also a precious truth on which to stand.

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Isaiah 41:10—fear not, for i am through you; be no dismayed, for i am her God; I will strengthen you, i will help you, I will certainly uphold you v my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 43:1-3—…“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; ns have called you through name, you room mine. 2When you pass v the waters, I will be v you; and also through the rivers, castle shall no overwhelm you; as soon as you walk through fire girlfriend shall no be burned, and also the fire shall not consume you. 3For ns am the LORD her God, the divine One that Israel, your Savior…”

Christian, take heart. God is with you. He is through you in every situation, every scary moment, every tear, every pain, and every hardship. The is a God who strengthens, helps, and upholds you. He is a God that transcends time, space, and also matter. He commands the waters, the rivers, and also the fire. That directs castle to accomplish His an excellent purposes. That is a personal God, who is abundantly maybe to store your soul.

A couple of weeks ago, i attended a funeral for a godly woman who had suffered much. This dear mrs fought numerous battles against cancer. Just two year ago, her husband collapsed and also died suddenly from a love attack…Just weeks before her own death, her brother died. All of this to be heartbreaking for she family and friends, and yet she was not overwhelmed.

When her cancer came back with a vengeance, it consumed her physical body, but it did not consume her soul. Us watched, and also we witnessed. God was with her. She body to be wasting away, however she to be becoming an ext and more alive in Christ. She hope and trust remained in the God who redeemed her, who called her by name and also declared, “she is mine!”

May the truths in this passages organize you up throughout your difficulties and also strengthen your fix to actors your fears on Jesus!



How does discovering that God is v you assist you from gift consumed by fear in complicated situations and also circumstances?Isaiah 43:2 offers the word “when” two times. What does that teach you?How can you prepare you yourself (and your family) currently for what is come come?Look increase Romans 8:18-39, Hebrews 13:5-6, and Matthew 6:25-34. What room some additional promises the God provides you to battle fear?
Brian and also his mam Cindy were drawn to the vision that Truth78 numerous years prior to Brian became Executive director in 2006. Together parents, they want to train their five youngsters to know and also treasure Jesus together the just One who could satisfy the deepest require of their hearts. At Truth78, they discovered a vision for this ministry, and also resources come equip them to nurture their children’s faith. Brian enjoys to teach children and youth in the classroom and also through Backyard scriptures Clubs, and also he looks for to encourage bible memorization v the Fighter Verses Program..

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