When it pertains to conveniently accessing your money through a checking account,

we certainly have one for you.

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Members period 50+ receive cost-free Checks
Members who are age 50 or larger receive free Family savings logo"d checks regardless that the form checking account you have - because that the life the the account. The totally free check bespeak is restricted to one crate per order. Please view a member company representative come order your complimentary design today or speak to 888-311-3728 come order by phone. 
Account FeaturesNGAGE spending 1(rewards each qualifying month)Members an option CheckingFreedom CheckingCha-Ching teen Checking (age 15-18 yrs only) Cash ago Rewards**Nationwide ATM Fees Refunded**CyberScout - identity Theft ResolutionFree traditional ChecksTravel/Entertainment BenefitsAccidental death & Dismemberment InsuranceFree mobile Banking with Mobile check DepositFree e-Statements*Account service Fee (See fees Schedule)Earn dividend (See rate Sheet) Online Banking through Bill PayOver 70,000 Surcharge cost-free ATMsAdditional NotesMore Details
Option for 50+ age Option for 50+ age
eDocuments Required
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* The monthly Account business Fee is waived and will no be fee if you meet one that the complying with criteria: 

The major member is age 18 years old or youngerThe main member is period 24 year old or younger and also currently in college (Member must inform FSCU if this applies) The major member is period 50 years old or olderThe primary member has chosen to get eDocuments

1. Click "Learn More" for NGAGE spending account Terms and also Conditions.

Click here to check out WHAT TO lug WHEN opening AN ACCOUNT

Order Checks

To order check online, simply click "Order Checks" above. If you have actually never had checks on one account yet would favor to order, please call 256-543-9530 or toll complimentary 888-311-3728. You may also place an order at her nearest branch location.

NGAGE Spending accounts have good benefits!

Earn 2.5% APY* on balances as much as $15,000Balances end $15,000 earn 0.50% APY*ATM fees refundsNo Minimum Balance No monthly company fees when you sign up for eDocumentsEarn 0.05% APY* in months you don"t qualify

Simple monthly activities to qualify!

Make 12 or an ext debit map purchases the post and settle during the qualification cycleHave 1 or more ACH electronic deposits or payments during the cycleHave a valid email resolve on file Enroll in eDocuments
If girlfriend don"t qualified one month, her account will still knife the basic dividend rate and you will certainly not incur a penalty. You deserve to still earn a greater rate & refunds top top ATM fees the following month girlfriend qualify.

* NGAGE safety Account: APY = yearly Percentage Yield. Enrollment in electronic records (eStatements/eDocuments) is forced to open and also maintain an NGAGE Account. NGAGE Accounts do not have a monthly account maintain charge. In the occasion a member does not have actually an eDocument election, FSCU to make reservation the appropriate to convert the NGAGE security account come a liberty Checking account which may lug a recurring $3.00 every month account maintain fee. The credit transaction union likewise reserves the best to convert any NGAGE conserving account to a master Share Account (regular conserving account).REWARDS for NGAGE security accounts: Monthly Qualification Cycle method a period beginning one (1) day before the an initial day that the present statement cycle through one (1) day prior to the nearby of the current statement cycle. As soon as NGAGE spending Account qualifications room met during a monthly qualification cycle, (1) Balances approximately $15,000 get a 2.50% APY; balances $15,000.01 and also over earn 0.50% APY interest price on the part of balance end $15,000, resulting in a selection from 2.5% APY to 0.76% APY depending upon the account"s balance. (APY blended rate is based upon an assumed full account balance that $15,000 to add $100,000 to be presented as a single figure (i.e. $115,000)). Balances over $115,000 will an outcome in a lower blended rate based on total balance end $15,000.

For a little monthly fee, you will enjoy every one of the services of our freedom Checking, plus these added benefits and also services: 

$50.00 discount in the direction of closing costs of any Family save Mortgage LoanNo minimum balance requirementFree Personalized ChecksFree Notary ServiceFree 24/7 Telephone, Mobile, and Online Account AccessFree virtual Bill PayVisa Debit/ATM CardUnlimited check WritingFree eStatementsSafe Deposit crate Discounts - subject to availabilityCyberScout - identity Theft 911 Resolution ServiceCredit map ProtectionLiving household JournalAuto Rental DiscountsTravel and Entertainment DiscountsTravel preventive ServiceTravel Emergency AssistancePrescription Drug and also Eyewear DiscountsGrocery Coupon ServiceSave approximately 50% top top brand name assets by phone or online

* all FSCU members that use eDocuments v Members selection Checking will not be fee the $3 monthly maintenance fee.

All the functions you intend in a full service checking account.

offer THEM WHAT they WANT!

Family Savings credit Union"s Cha-Ching is the perfect method to educate teenagers about great spending and saving habits. They"ll get solid money monitoring tools the you can supervise and have some fun through a teen-focused webpage on www.familysavingsu.com.

Here"s What castle Get:

totally free ATM/Debit Cards

Once a re-superstructure Draft/Checking Account is established your teen deserve to enjoy the same convenience girlfriend do. It"s safer than carrying cash and also provides the same acceptance as pre-paid cards. If they require cash while away from home, you deserve to simply deposit accumulation in your checking account. Ours cards can additionally be used as an ATM card.

complimentary Savings and Checking accounts

Basic money monitoring starts here. These accounts will assist them monitor expenses, spending and savings.

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totally free Online banking

We make it basic to regulate money. You deserve to review deposits and also spending anytime. 

totally free Telephone teller

Verify account balances, transactions and much more 24 hrs a day from any kind of touch-tone phone. 

*Cha-Ching teen Checking must have actually an adult ~ above the account with the teenager member until age 18 in Georgia and also 19 in Alabama. Opening deposit the $25 compelled with no minimum balance thereafter.