I'm around to finish the quest after having actually bought chlorine from Mick n Ralph's and getting the weapons ago from the fiends. Needless to say, Cachino is dead, due to the fact that I said his ceo that that wasn't obeying the rules. Back the chlorine quest was very suspicious, I thought it will cause a an excellent ending since the asshole Cachino acquired killed already. Together I transforms out, ns knew very small about the real deal the the Omertas.

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Now i ask myself, why couldn't I discover the great ending myself, why to be this quest misleading me so much?

Also: walk anyone know a fix? i will shot setstage 50 but there has to be a far better solution come this quest.


You assumed you would acquire a 'good' ending by offering the bombmaker with the supplies needed for the bomb he is very open around making and using on the Strip?

The 'good' ending for that quest is to sell Cachino's journal ago to him and also follow his arrangement to take it out large Sal & Nero.

That's correct, i did farewell Bye mine Love before and wanted Cachino to be encountering the after-effects for his actions. That's why ns didn't sell him the journal earlier and told huge Sal instead. However after this suggest you can't go earlier unless friend reload a save, which i didn't, just because I thought it would certainly be the ideal thing to check out Cachino dead.

I discovered Cachino to be the the very least of the malice in Gomorrah.

Though i did made sure I perfect Bye bye Love first, prior to I began pulling the cause on something that can get the girls recorded in the crosshairs.

Cachino assisted deadbook the Omerta bros v me, but I still feeling like, after hearing Joana's story, i should have actually executed him, too.

But the great ending (I got a meh one due to the fact that I did points out of order) is come clean out the basement for Troike's part, and find a safe behind a bookshelf friend wouldn't notice unless you're pressing your challenge to every wall surface to acquire Clanden the end of the picture. That seems choose the \"best\" ending you might get to the quest.

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If you're stealthy and also work things appropriate in the final confrontation everyone can end up dead yet you and you leaving scotfree, iirc. (You need to stealthy kill Cachino ideal after the pursuit finishes and also before he leaves and also you're unlikely to acquire caught since the room's empty and also the security aren't automatically around.) No clue who would take end after Cachino (its not main after all) but, frankly, i somehow don't see them gift a hell that a many worse 보다 what they had actually before. And also at the an extremely least that human being would be much less likely come revolt. Look at what happened to the last group.

I actually found the for sure on my an initial playthrough the the quest, take it a bit of time, yet wasn't too hard