I uncovered a lunchbox while scavenging. When I picked it up it made a sound, saying it might be crucial. Is it useful past ssuggest being a item of scrap?


Picking up a Vault-Tec lunchbox will open up it and generate a random item, which will loss out of the lunchbox and be on the floor somewbelow near by. You get to store the lunchbox after opening it and it can be supplied in crafting.

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From endure it"s mostly junk items that you have the right to usage in crafting. It"s feasible to conserve your game prior to opening the lunchbox and refill it to try for an additional item as the item is spawned at the suggest you open up the lunchbox.


When you activate a Vault-Tec lunch box, a things may pop out for you to pick up. My suffer suggests that this counts on your character"s Luck.

This page at Fallout Wiki lists some possible items you might find. I do not think it"s a complete list. That page renders it sound as if somepoint always pops out. This might be the situation, yet I remember having nothing pop out prior to. Perhaps I just didn"t alert it.

The item is usually some junk, prefer a spatula. You have the right to still pick up the lunch box, whether you pick up the item or not.

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The lunch box deserve to be supplied to make bottlecap mines.


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