For Fallout 4 on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Mysterious serum with Edward (spoilers possibly) The Secret of Cabot House is a side quest in Fallout 4. When returning to the Cabot House after saving Jack"s sister, the Sole Survivor will get this mission assigned by Jack to help prevent raiders from freeing Lorenzo. On the other hand, Lorenzo Cabot doesn"t want to forgive his family, and we have no idea what is going on in "his" mind. So you could maybe justify killing him. What do you think is the morally correct thing to do and why? The great thing about this quest and many other quests in Fallout 4. The third option is the best - you will receive more rewards for it and you won"t have to bother with Lorenzo (he has many health points). Don"t forget about searching the body of one of the bandits - he will have few mysterious serums. Jack will tell you to visit him after a week. You will receive Lorenzo"s Artifact (a modified gamma gun). Quest rewards: experience, 500 bottlecaps, access to. Fallout 4 The Cabot House Guide. So, with full spoiler warning in place, here’s all the info to help you decide whether to kill or free Lorenzo in The Cabot House mission of Fallout 4. After storming the Parsons State Insane Asylum, killing dozens of Raiders and reaching the basement, the player will be face-to-face with Lorenzo Cabot.

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Fallout 4 is full of tons of interesting side quests and adventures. It also has a few moments where the morality of your actions really comes into question. These two elements combine in the excellent mission “The Cabot House”. This multi-part side quest culminates in a truly difficult decision for the player, which can have a bit of a lasting impact on their Fallout 4 experience. Rather than walk through every step of The Cabot House mission, this guide will focus on just the end of it, which is really the only difficult and morally grey part. So, with full spoiler warning in place, here’s all the info to help you decide whether to kill or free Lorenzo in The Cabot House mission of Fallout 4.

After storming the Parsons State Insane Asylum, killing dozens of Raiders and reaching the basement, the player will be face-to-face with Lorenzo Cabot. The patriarch of the Cabot family has been imprisoned in this cell for over 400 years, with an alien artifact keeping him alive and supplying his children with a “Mysterious Serum” that has kept them alive. You now are faced with a choice though, do you trust Jack Cabot and kill his father, or do you set him free?


The consequences of each action are felt throughout Fallout 4. Morally you’ll have some trouble either way. It’s obvious that keeping Lorenzo locked up is wrong, but was there any other choice? Killing him will likely cause trouble with any companion you have with you, but the actions after might be far worse. Let’s break down exactly what happens with each choice.

Fallout 4 Kill Lorenzo Or Not Dead

If you kill Lorenzo, which you do by flipping the four switches on the walls, you head back to Cabot House with Jack where he give you about 500 caps. If you were kind to him throughout the mission, he will tell you to come back in a week. You can use sleep and wait to make the time pass faster if you need to, or just keep playing and let the week pass by. The mission will update once it has, so you’ll know when to head back.


Once there Jack will give you Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun, which is a Gamma Gun with a special modification. This gun does a decent amount of damage, but its true value is in the various effects of the modification. It can stagger enemies and will deal damage in different ways depending on certain factors. Overall there are better weapons out there, but it could be useful in a few situations.

Now, if you decide to free Lorenzo the mission becomes a whole other affair. Lorenzo will then ask if you wish to help him kill his family. Again, be careful what companion you have here as there’s a lot of morally grey actions going on. Whatever you tell Lorenzo here isn’t totally important, just head back to Cabot House for the rest of the mission.

Once there you are presented with the opportunity to switch allegiances once again. If you side with Jack and the rest of the Cabot family you’ll have a very tough fight against Lorenzo (use the Mysterious Serum you found at the asylum to make it much easier). At the end you’ll get the caps, but not the gun.


If you stick with Lorenzo you’ll assist in killing the Cabot family, which should be pretty easy, especially if you convince Edward to join your side. Once it’s over Lorenzo will give you about 500 caps and explain the new deal. At any time you can swing by the Cabot House to grab more Mysterious Serum. You can only ever have one vial at a time, which cannot be traded or sold. Once it’s used just head back and grab some more.

This serum gives you a huge Strength boost, as well as a ton of damage resistance and rad resistance. It could be pretty useful out in the wasteland of Fallout 4, so if you are willing to slaughter a not so innocent family this could be the best option. Just have Piper or Curie head to one of your settlements before the fighting begins.

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I picked up the side quest “The Secret of Cabot House” and I have found it really interesting. I am at the end of it now and I have located the Lorenzo and he is asking me to set him free. I have the option to do it but I can also kill him. I’m quite torn now on who to believe and what to do. I’d rather not side with him, but I feel like there might be some epic quest reward if I do. Based on the way this quest has gone so far, I feel like it might be worth my while to decide carefully.

For those who have completed the quest and made the decision on what to do, can I get some advice? Should I kill Lorenzo Cabot or let him free? What is the best option to go with in order to get the best Cabot mission rewards?

You have come to the point where you need to decide whether to kill or free Lorenzo Cabot. It’s tough when you are put in a position like this. Quite obviously that Lorenzo is a nut job, but what is the advantage of freeing him. Well here are the results of both decisions.

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Should I Free Lorenzo Cabot

If you free Lorenzo you will get an infinite supply of the serum. You can only have one at a time, but if you keep going back to Lorenzo, he will continue to give you more of the serum. The serum will give you.