Fairfield Inn brand-new York lengthy Island City/Manhattan View new York City is collection 3.3 mile from time Square and 3 miles from the world-famous realm State Building. Guests have the right to enjoy free Wi-Fi in windy areas, as well as a restaurant, a hairdresser and also a tennis court ~ above site.

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The 3-star hotel is in the facility of brand-new York City, within 15 minutes" drive from LaGuardia airport. The business hotel is situated in lengthy Island City district. Rockefeller Center likewise lies in ~ 10 minutes" drive away.

There is Greenpoint way & Bradley way bus avoid within 500 feet away.


The property has 154 rooms equipped with ironing facilities, cost-free wireless internet accessibility and climate control. The comfortable rooms space equipped through guest bathrooms.

Eat & Drink

The hotel offer cereal and coffee for breakfast. Guests can relax in ~ the hotel"s snack bar. Dunkin" restaurant is 6 minutes" go away.


Wireless web is easily accessible in public locations for free.

Guest Parking

Private parking is possible on site (reservation can be needed) in ~ USD 25 per day.

Year renovated: 2008. Number of floors: 12. Number the rooms: 154.

Former name: Fairfield Inn new York long Island City/Queens




Room featuresIn-room air conditioningIndividual heatingIn-room safeSitting areaDressing areaTea and also coffee facilitiesIroning facilities
Children & extra bedsOne child0 - 2 yearsCribFREEExisting bedsFREEAll children3 - 18 yearsExisting bedsFREEAll children19 - 21 yearsExisting bedsFREEMaximum capacity of cribs in a room is 1. 

Overall, it"s perfect place for exploring new York City attractions. Room was great value.

For united state it to be ideal.

The breakfast was really tasty. The bed was clean and an extremely comfortable. The staff was an extremely helpful.

Plastic dishes in ~ breakfast. The shuttle business leaves a lot of to be desired, we would need to wait approximately 50 minute at minus 15 degrees. If we had known that prior to we would have walked about 12 minutes.

The business they had actually for transport to the surrounding train station

I occurred to touch myself top top a snowy job (21/3), i told the hotel the my flight was no leaving. I had to pay for a night wherein I was. And also the hotel didn"t discount me the night ns didn"t go. Very Bad Attitude.

all in all, accommodation was what we expected. Breakfast, typically american, plentiful, good - us didn"t mental the plastic dishes and cutlery, girlfriend can discover them all over in the usa. Helpful was the bus shuttle, lugged us uncomplicated to the subway and also picked us up indigenous there so late in the night after a call. By this way, manhattan to be quickly and also comfortably accessible. Price-performance ratio is right.

little little loud native the street, curtains in the room space not suitable for darkening, since they only cover the political parties of the window - in the center it remains bright. Through a small bit the sophistry we have solved this problem (bracketed with each other :-) ). Otherwise there to be nothing to complain about.

The bed... An extremely comfortable. The bathroom to be clean come the extent that one enjoys showering!

The breakfast area was not very clean, the guest did not cooperate through the staff; however the employee was very attentive!

great price/performance ratio. Clean rooms, sufficiently large. Breakfast is ok. At sight comfortable bed.

relatively much to the nearest subway. Continuous noise, native the busy roadway or from one of the suppliers in the area. Partly went on every night.

Generous lunch, cost-free shuttle to the subway. Ask for a room v a check out of Manhattan (if available). Cost-free street parking.

Free parking yet on the street, otherwise a dues of u$25 per night is charged.

The staff was an extremely friendly and helpful. Her website stated that lock offered totally free shuttle to and from the airport, but they discontinued that organization in March. They were kind sufficient to reimburse united state for the taxi ride come the hotel, but that left us with the automobile service come pay because that on the return pilgrimage to the airport.

It appeared to be set in a much more industrial area, or in ~ least, there to be not any type of other enterprise such as restaurants and also convenience shops near by.

Room to be clean and shower.

Had to take it a auto service to NY. No cabs permitted to it is in called. Staff was clueless about getting approximately town. As soon as we arrived they did not have my reservation. Had to call trident-gaming.net.net and we waited 45 minute to acquire to ours room. Community awful. Every the money the we invested in cabs we can have continued to be in Manhattan. Not worth it. Shuttle additionally took forever sometimes. Not great when you have actually a display to make.

It was a beautiful check out beautiful room.

Well over there wasnt a frozen fridge or a microwave n parking always full one staff at night was very rude otherwise than tht various other staff was good that lady needs to find out about.customer service.

Great worth for money. Very friendly staff. Cost-free shuttle to and also from closeby metro station, which brings you downtown quick and also easy. Great complimentary breakfast.

The rate was affordable, and it was an extremely convenient having the hotel shuttle to the train every 1/2 hour.

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Children & extra bedsOne child0 - 2 yearsCribFREEExisting bedsFREEAll children3 - 18 yearsExisting bedsFREEAll children19 - 21 yearsExisting bedsFREEMaximum volume of cribs in a room is 1. 

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