Includes an outdoor swimming pool free complimentary breakfast The Avg. Team Discount is 40.3%! Gym is easily accessible on property 87 rooms in hotel Check-out time: 12:00 group booking rating the 10.0/10

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Rates shown are nightly rates prior to taxes and also do no necessarily reflect every discounts available. The chart gives the cheapest windy rates obtainable by room type.
Asheboro"s newest and also most contemporary hotel offers a 100% smoke complimentary environment, is located about 4.5 mile from the NC Zoo and provides the ideal answer to all hotel needs.
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Verified evaluate of Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Asheboro

listed below are the proved reviews native guests that we have actually booked recently:
We"re grandparents on restricted income who nade Reservations for two rooms months in advance for our Niece"s Wedding. Us were provided the full amount. Day one check In, the transaction go smooth (so we thought). The clerk to be professional. Although us couldn"t find the TV remote because that the television in the sitting area. Us made a "mental" note to let the front desk know, as soon as we go down to have breakfast in the morning. We didn"t have actually to. My son uncovered the remote under in the sofa bed. Day two We woke up refreshed. Both rooms were amazing and also clean! The (one) elevator was out of service in the morning. Gift on the 3rd floor. We to took the stairs. Totally free Breakfast: The (fresh) cantelope and also pineapple smelled and also tasted sour. The turkey sausage patties were a mystery. Yuck! 3 pm I confirm the Bride (my niece) in her scheduled room (by the exact same female who checked united state in the night before), when she was at the venue preparing to obtain Married. My husband and I took her luggage to she room. Top top arrival, we weren"t maybe to leaving the luggage and there wasn"t a need to use the key card. The door to be ajar! We looked in. The room wasn"t cleaned indigenous the vault guest(s). However, that"s the room she to be assigned. Us took she luggage come our room. At that time, my husband i found it an Employee in ~ the second room we had. He was speaking to someone, explaining to whom ever. The his Master an essential wouldn"t job-related in the door and also the light turned red. My husband inquiry if every little thing was OK. At that time. We were notified that our map declined and also if we have an additional place to continue to be for the night. My entirety body go flush. The told united state not come worry. They"ll obtain to the bottom of it and also we can attend to the situation in the morning. The same female that checked united state in on the 27th December, maintained saying "just give us an additional card". That would"ve been nice to have another card, however we didn"t. Us don"t. Day 3 the day of examine Out. Us ate the complimentary Breakfast. There"s an employee over there that clears the tables and also restocks the food and supplies. She end heard me refer my interest in getting another cup the coffee, which was delicious. She available to bring me one more cup. I was touch by she generosity. Ns would"ve been much better off acquiring it myself and also or waiting because that the new pot to be made. She carried me a cup that coffee (the bottom that the pot) loaded v coffee grounds. There to be a lot. Method too much to even soak up through a napkin. While i was busy fishing the end coffee grounds. She make a new batch. Smh. ~ that, we checked out the Front desk to inquire around their additional fees. The Manager told mine husband and also I, no to worry. She"ll occupational out some sort of discount. We ended up paying a little over $80. Not knowing about the Fee, it take it the food and also gas money we had set aside to travel earlier home. Come Maryland. Us traveled 6 hours w/ ours 10 yr old granddaughter and a bag the chips. She was starving. It to be upsetting and depressing. .
Terri W. (Group coordinator, booked 2 rooms), native

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10-Jan-2020 showed Review, stayed from Fri Dec 27 to Mon Dec 30 2019 in ~ a $88.53 typical nightly rate.