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When friend think of me, friend think that the nicestMy sluggish flow's a modern-day crisis, this freestyles room pricelessAll you gon' hear is God damns and also Jesus ChristesWhile this 90s to win become spiritual sacrificesRap game's ISIS, studio terrorismLira Galore come through, assisted me v the lyricismThese is hard bars, form you just hear in prisonSwag rap got you blind, this shit'll clear her visionGrass reduced low, so friend can capture em' being snakeCause everybody real 'til you catch 'em bein' fakeAnd I create my typical shit as soon as I'm in a quite moodAnd Friday's ain't to be this an excellent since ice Cube'sSee, behind every nice dude is a monsterThey say behind every negative bitch is a sponsorJust remember the this time could be her last timeThat's why I'm out below rappin' choose it's my critical rhymeSo, prevent complaining and get in your swagIn other words, acquire out her feelings and get in her bagMy nigga, her biggest problem is you care too muchAnd you always around, you be there as well muchAnd it's, fuck what friend heard cause you hear too muchYou just a lookin'-ass nigga and also you stare also muchAnd over below we don't care for suchIt's for this reason real, shorty quiet hop in and be like, Here's her dutchAnd now we rollin', blowin' Cali in the whip, stylin'She actin' choose it's a molly and also her shit smilin'She ain't listen, she most likely in the whip wildin'Suckin' favor it's the Kylie jenner Lip ChallengeUh, play-off video game on the seventy-inchAnd I'm the kind of player that never acquire benchedBitches wanna hang you, never the lynchI'm tryin' to live this dream and also never obtain pinchedJust somethin' 'bout mine shit, I acquired it figured outBitch, ns don't need your number, I'm seven-figured outNowadays, the looks prefer talk is every these niggas 'boutSeems like the smallest pockets always have the greatest mouthAnd being damaged is a joke, I recognize I shouldn't laughThat's why ns come for everything they stated I couldn't haveBefore i go, only thing I want to mention is...Money ain't the source of all angry now, attention is
Chillin', sittin' in a Ghost, quarter-millionWhile every these niggas actin' jealousy in your feelingsNext couple of years, I'm a ridge it come the ceilin'All because that the love and keep killin', yeahChillin', sittin' in a Ghost, quarter-millionWhile every these niggas actin' jealous in their feelingsNext couple of years, I'm a stack it to the ceilin'All because that the love and also keep killin', yeah