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"Every job Is exactly the Same" is the third solitary by American industrial rock band Nine inch Nails from their album through Teeth. It is the twenty-first main Nine inch Nails release. The commercial solitary was exit on April 4, 2006 together an EP. That was also billed as the companion remix key to through Teeth, lot to the chagrin that Trent Reznor. The song went because that adds ~ above R&R"s alternative rock chart in November 2005. The radio single reached #1 top top the Billboard contemporary Rock singles graph in the contemporary Rock tracks category and also #12 in the Mainstream rock Tracks category. The song additionally reached number one on the Canadian Singles Chart, and also received a nomination for finest Hard Rock power at the 49th yearly Grammy Awards. Despite a to plan music video was scrapped in the post-production stage, "Every job Is specifically the Same" still topped Billboard"s 2006 year-end warm Dance Singles Sales chart, it has so much spent 94 mainly on the chart.more »

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I think I deserve to see the future"Cause ns repeat the exact same routineI think I used to have a purposeBut climate again, that could have been a dreamI think I provided to have a voiceNow I never ever make a soundI just do what I"ve been toldI really don"t desire them come come around, oh noEvery job is exactly the sameEvery work is exactly the sameThere is no love here and also there is no painEvery work is exactly the sameI can feel their eyes are watchingIn situation I lose myself againSometimes ns think I"m happy here(Sometimes)Sometimes, yet i still pretendI can"t remember exactly how this acquired startedOh, but I have the right to tell you precisely how it will certainly endEvery day is precisely the sameEvery job is specifically the sameThere is no love here and also there is no painEvery job is specifically the sameI"ll compose it top top a tiny piece the paperI"m hoping, someday, you could findWell I"ll hide that behind somethingThey won"t watch behindI am still inside herA small bit comes bleeding throughI great this could"ve been any kind of other wayBut I just don"t know, ns don"t understand what rather I deserve to doEvery job is precisely the sameEvery job is exactly the sameThere is no love here and there is no painEvery day is precisely the sameEvery work is precisely the sameEvery day is specifically the sameThere is no love here and also there is no painEvery work is exactly the same(Every day is the same!)

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Nine customs Nails Nine inch Nails (abbreviated as NIN, sometimes stylized as NIИ) is an American industrial rock project, started in 1988 by Trent Reznor in Cleveland, Ohio. Together its main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Reznor is the only main member that Nine inch Nails and also remains solely responsible because that its direction. Nine customs Nails" music straddles a wide range of genres. After record a new album, Reznor (until the 2009 tide Goodbye Tour) typically assembles a live band to do with him. The touring band attributes a revolving lineup that regularly rearranges songs to to the right a live setting.

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Top top stage, Nine customs Nails often employs visual facets to accompany performances, which generally include irradiate shows. More »