Welcome to this Ultimate guide to obtain you started- Escape game 50 Rooms 1 video game Answers Tips and Tricks, Cheats and also Strategy Walkthrough.

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Escape video game 50 Rooms 1 is yet one more Doors game and I’m sure you’ve played a few! right here is a beneficial cheat guide or walkthrough together some like to contact it.

You can download the video game here: Android and Apple

Escape game 50 Rooms 1 Level 1 Solution and Walkthrough

1. Press the AC double to get the screwdriver’s handle.

2. Currently tap the damaged tv to acquire the remainder of the screwdriver and also combine the two. The handle will it is in in her inventory.

3. If friend tap the panel on the left side of the screen, you’ll view 4 screws so not use the screwdriver. You’ll also pick increase a remote and also cord.

4. Now go ago to the TV. Madness the cord and also then tap the strength socket top top the wall, to the peak right that the screen. Use the remote manage on the TV and also you will check out a password on the TV, choose the one below:


4. The shade code native the puzzle is yellow, purple, green and red. Go earlier to the safe and use the color code to open up it. Pick up the vital card and also use the to open up the room.

Escape game 50 Rooms 1 Level 10 Solution and Walkthrough

1. Tap the bed and also pick up the knob native under the pillow. Notification a red 2. Insanity the clock above the door and an alert the blue 8.

2. Tap the box on the coffee table and also use the knob on package and notice a yellow 3. Choose up a napkin from listed below the box and notice the green 5.

3. Insanity the winter to the left and also use the napkins to clean it. Notification the code. Madness the paint to the right and also use the password from the mirror (circle, star, triangle and also cross). You will expose a for sure – usage the colored number to unlock it (2385). Pick up the crowbar.

4. Pick the crowbar in your inventory and also tap package under the bed. Choose up the puzzle piece.

5. Use the item on the puzzle in the picture above the bed, then complete the puzzle through tapping pieces and also swapping them to your correct place. Ns personally supplied the clues to insta-solve it, which you deserve to do too. Pick up the vital and use it to departure the room.

Escape video game 50 Rooms 1 Level 11 Solution and Walkthrough

1. Insanity the bed, climate the pillow and pick increase the piece of paper. Madness the poster on the left wall twice and also pick increase the 2nd piece of paper. Madness the etc twice and get the handle. Indigenous the top bunk bed, obtain the peak of the pliers. Combine it with the handle.

2. Madness the red luggage crate on the ground and use the pliers to open it. Notification the cube’s colors: Red, Blue, Yellow and White.

3. Go earlier to the bed through the colored wheels and tap them complying with the code we have just discovered. Get the party of perfume.

4. Tap the piece of record in your inventory, then use the bottle of perfume top top it. Friend will check out a code: 0745. Tap the clock top top the shelf near the bed and collection the time come 7:45. Pick up the key that appears on top of the clock. Use it on the door to exit the room.

Escape game 50 Rooms 1 Level 12 Solution and also Walkthrough

1. Insanity the bike come the left and pick a crayola. Tap the bed and get the keys from under the teddy bear and a battery indigenous under the pillow. Tap the wood chest v the vase and pick up the 2nd battery. Use the tricks on the top shelf and get the cassette.

2. Tap the flowers / vase and use the crayola on the book to expose the yellow flower. Us now have actually a white teddy bear, a eco-friendly trash can, red balls and yellow flower.

3. Madness the various other cabinet and tap the ideal door. Integrate the batteries and also place castle in the video clip player. Include the cassette and also tap that again to reveal the code: 8659.

4. Go ago and madness the drawer then usage the code. Pick up the screwdriver. Insanity the door to the left and use the driver to open the lid. Madness the photos until girlfriend have: bear, trash can, ball, flower. Acquire the an essential and usage it to exit.

Escape video game 50 Rooms 1 Level 13 Solution and Walkthrough

1. Tap the coffee table and get the pliers. Madness the paint to the left and get a key. Madness the furniture come the right side the the door and also pick increase the party opener from the height shelf. Madness the optimal side of the furniture and use the pliers to cut the lock. Acquire the paper.

2. Usage the an essential on the white door to the left and enter the room. Usage the party opener top top the bottle and also pick up the paper. Tapping both documents gives you 4325 + 1462, i beg your pardon is 5787.

3. Madness the drawers under the TV and also use the code to open the safe. Obtain the vital card and exit the room.

Escape game 50 Rooms 1 Level 14 Solution and also Walkthrough

1. Insanity the table and get a piece of file from the ashtray. Madness the couch and get a vital from under the pillow. Tap the height side that the bookcase to the left and also tap the publications on the bottom to open up one – take it the SD card.

2. Insanity the bottom side of the bookcase and also use the an essential to open up the door. Choose up the item there.

3. Insanity the desk and also then madness the notebook to the left of the laptop. Insanity the black record to remove it and also use the environment-friendly item on the record to reveal numbers. Insanity the crumpled item of paper in her inventory and using the code there, remember the code: 19610.

4. Insanity the right drawers ~ above the desk and also pick increase the USB stick from the bottom shelves. Combine it v the SD card, then usage that on the laptop. Form the code above and finish the puzzle (you need to discover the distinctions – hand, star ~ above the chest, the guy’s appropriate biceps and also his ear).

5. Mental the password (303) and also use the on the shelf to the appropriate to open up it. Obtain the crucial and exit.

Escape game 50 Rooms 1 Level 15 Solution and also Walkthrough

1. Madness the globe and remember the password (magnet, magnifying glass, globe, planets). Insanity the dresser under the scale and then the peak drawer. Use the password to open it and also pick up the weight to the left.

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2. Madness the paint to the left and also pick increase the grid. Insanity the best painting and also place the network there. Note where the dots are. Madness the desk and pick up the piece of document under the magazines.

3. Insanity the catch door on the floor and also use the code from the grid painting to open up it and get the ruler (on the leftmost column don’t insanity anything, but tap the two shown dots ~ above the following one):