ns am make the efforts to draw a an easy boxplot of viral load and also trial arm, but keep gaining this error "Error in x + x :non-numeric debate to binary operator".

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PatientID trial_arm viral_load 1 society 192 clinic 193 society 194 club 645 clinic 326 clinic 297 clinic 928 society 199 clinic 1910 club 27When I operation the password :

> boxplot(dataset,viral_load~trial_arm)Error in x + x : non-numeric debate to binary operatorThe trial_arm variable is collection as a factor and also viral_load is numeric.



The equipment by jay.sf in the comment works. Girlfriend would likewise need to usage ggplot() as soon as running your code to create the boxplot, ie ggplot() + boxplot(viral_load ~ trial_arm, dataset)


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