Daniel Matsunaga's blog post for DanRich fans: "It's sad since a most our fans, they are expecting a lot of things from us. And also I need to apologize come them because everything that we do, it's really for them. That didn't work, unfortunately." 

Daniel Matsunaga, 28, admitted the it’s to be a while because he last saw ex-girlfriend Erich Gonzales, 26.

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After their breakup beforehand this year, the former pair still appeared together because that a two-night show in U.S. Critical February.

Daniel called trident-gaming.net (Philippine entertain Portal), “After the present in the States? did I view her again?

“Hindi ko na naaalala, e. Pero matagal na hindi kami nagkita, e.”

The Kapamilya model-actor likewise confirmed the he and Erich have actually no an ext communication v each other.

“Lately, no really,” that said.

But if the sees she again, Daniel stated that he will certainly surely say hello to his ex-girlfriend.

He elaborated, “I have due respect because that Erich.

“She’s a beautiful woman through a beautiful heart. I have actually nothing come say wrong about her.

“I yes, really respect her and also her family.”

trident-gaming.net caught up with Daniel after that was introduced as the an initial male celebrity ambassador for the underwear line of Men’s club by Avon.

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The media event was held at One Canvas events Place critical night, might 11.

BAD BREAKUP. It to be on February 9 as soon as Erich shown the news that she and Daniel have actually put an end to their two-year relationship.

While she denied the a 3rd party resulted in their breakup, Erich offered a vague answer come entertainment reporters as soon as asked if money problem was ever before an problem for her and Daniel.

The very same interview later caused one exchange that cryptic statements in between the couple—with Daniel denying the money issue and Erich threaten to offer a tell-all interview around their breakup.

The whole conflict was only put to an end when Erich and also Daniel had actually a face-to-face conference at the Star Magic headquarters on February 15.

Then they released a joint statement saying that their breakup to be not brought about by a third party or money issue.

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DANIEL states SORRY come FANS. The ex-couple had a movie inside wall up this year.

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But Daniel said trident-gaming.net the it will certainly no much longer push through.

He said, “Unfortunately, hindi na tuloy ‘yan. Well, that’s life, di ba? relocate on.”

The 28-year-old Brazilian-Japanese apologized come the Daniel-Erich (DanRich) fans who additionally got influenced by the couple’s breakup.

“It’s sad due to the fact that a many our fans, they room expecting a the majority of things native us.

“And I need to apologize to them because everything that we do, it’s yes, really for them.

“It didn’t work, unfortunately.

“But move on, and also friendship… friendship is really important.”

How did he move on indigenous his breakup through Erich?

Daniel answered, “I’m very close to my family. They were yes, really there because that me the entirety time. We’re super close.

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“And siyempre, you need them, your real friends. And you require to find stuff come do.”

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Daniel Matsunaga's post for DanRich fans: "It's sad due to the fact that a the majority of our fans, they space expecting a most things indigenous us. And I have to apologize to them since everything that we do, it's really for them. That didn't work, unfortunately." 
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