As its very name implies, the Rock and Roll hall of Fame has actually been criticized over the decades for being slow to adopt acts exterior of the absent genre. And no musical category has suffered an ext in this regard 보다 rap.

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Jay-Z and also LL Cool J to be announced alongside the Foo Fighters, Tina Turner and Iron Maiden together nominees to the Rock and also Roll hall of fame on Wednesday. And while that"s undoubtedly an honor, the begs a question: Why in the long, storied history of the rap genre would both men be only the 3rd and fourth solo rappers to make the Hall, complying with in the footsteps of The infamous B.I.G. And also Tupac Shakur?

As its really name implies, the Rock and Roll room of Fame has actually been criticized over the decades for being slow to expropriate and embrace acts exterior of the absent genre. And also no musical category has suffered an ext in this respect than rap music.


Artists room eligible for a Rock and Roll hall of call nomination 25 year after the release of their an initial official recording. V that in mind, right here are 5 other artists that have made an indelible note on music background and deserve prompt Hall of fame consideration.



If friend were lively in 1986 and also found yourself almost everywhere near a radio that was impossible to escape Rakim. And an ext significantly... Friend didn"t desire to. Rakim debut album "Paid in Full" featured fight after fight after hit. Partnered v DJ Eric B, the duo was announced as one of fifteen finalists to the Rock & role Hall that Fame in September 2011. However Rakim, routinely cited as among the rap"s many gifted lyricists, has actually yet to it is in nominated as a solo artist.

Dr. Dre


Come on! Look increase the term "instant classic" in the dictionary and you"ll uncover a recommendation to "The Chronic." (Ok, you won"t. But you should!) Dre is currently in the Rock and Roll room of call as component of the seminal rap group N.W.A. Yet if the man who dominated the year 1993 with an album that remains a laboratory staple practically three years later doesn"t belonging in the room on his own merits then no one does. Kanye Westwrote ~ above the album"s manufacturing quality: "The Chronicis tho the hip-hop identical toStevie Wonder"s"Songs in the crucial of Life." It"s the benchmark you measure her album versus if you"re serious."

Snoop Dogg

From Dr. Dre protégé to a rap symbol in his very own right, Snoop burst top top the laboratory scene when he was featured on Dr. Dre"s debut solo single, "Deep Cover," and also then on Dre"s debut solo album, "The Chronic." Snoop"s debut solo album, "Doggystyle" to be released in 1993, was certified quadruple-platinum in 1994 and also bore several hit singles, consisting of "What"s my Name?" and "Gin & Juice."

Snoop, who"s due to the fact that gone top top to become a media personality and celebrity pitchman, has actually sold end 23 million albums in the U.S. And 35 million albums worldwide.


Yet one more Dr. Dre protégé, Eminem dropped his debut album "Infinite" in 1996, making the first-time eligible for a Rock and also Roll hall of fame nomination this year. Eminem signed with Dr. Dre"s Aftermath Entertainment and achieved mainstream popular in 1999 with "The Slim Shady LP." His next two releases, The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) and The Eminem Show (2002), to be both massive successes and also both nominated because that the Grammy Award because that Album of the Year. And also none other than rock and also roll bible Rolling Stones newspaper cites his lyrical poetry and high-voltage shipment as make him one of the many critically acclaimed and also influential rappers in history.

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If both Jay-Z is the reigning lab king of brand-new York, climate Nas is the city"s prince. Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, much better known by his stage name Nas, is however another brand-new York product normally regarded as among the greatest rappers of every time. Nas has released twelve studio albums because 1994, with 7 of lock certified platinum and multi-platinum in the U.S.

In 2006,MTVranked Nas fifth on their list of "The GreatestMCsof every Time." In 2012,"The Source"ranked him second on their list of the "Top 50 Lyricists of all Time."

The Rock and also Roll room of Fame class of 2021 will certainly be announced in May.

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