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Eat the Booty choose Groceries is a lyric sung by R&B singer Jhene Aiko in the song "Post come Be" by Omarion featuring Aiko and also Chris Brown. The lyric brought about widespread media coverage and video clip remixes.


The lyric appears in the tune "Post to Be," off Omarion"s fourth album Sex Playlist, released November 11th, 2014 together the album"s command single.<1> The music video clip was exit on February 17th, 2015, gaining over 640 million see (shown below).


The line to be the basis of several Vines.<2> for example, a Vine based off the lyric posted by marlon_webb on in march 19th, 2015, acquired over 1.3 million loops (shown below, left). An additional by ClutchChris was posted to YouTube and also gained end 440,000 views (shown below, right).

Other famous skits consisting of the line include a skit through YouTuber kypree taylor that gained over 2 million see (shown below, left). Aiko later did one interview with MTV News in which she defined the definition behind the lyric while shopping for groceries (shown below, right).

Three year later, Aiko gave one more interview to BBC Radio where she admitted she didn"t enjoy analingus (shown below).




The attempt of Kyle Rittenhouse to be a multi-week net spectacle, through a big assortment the memes acquiring made native the characters and their particular moments. This an extremely well could only be the start of E-Trial drama ending up being a an ext mainstream thing.

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