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I have actually a cheap propane required air heater i bought in ~ Lowes because that the garage. The been functioning fine for a year but just the various other day it stopped working. To begin it, ns plug the in, rotate the gas on and also then press the knob in and it lights. It claims to host for as much as 30 seconds, but now no matter exactly how long I hold it, the light goes out as shortly as i let go.Any ideas?
Sounds favor a negative thermocouple. It is a tiny rod the senses the flame and keeps the gas valve open in normal operation. As soon as the heater is functioning, girlfriend will see it glow red from the flame. (right alongside the burner) once it"s not sensing, the gas burner shuts because that safety.
Makes sense. Any idea whereby I could pick one up? i haven"t been able to uncover the manufacturer"s website (only about a dozen various other companies referred to as Century)
Makes sense. Any type of idea wherein I might pick one up? i haven"t been able to uncover the manufacturer"s website (only about a dozen various other companies dubbed Century)
Ron"They that can provide up important liberty to acquire a small temporary safety and security deserve no liberty no one safety." B. Franklin 1759
The company I functioned for, before retirement, ordered about ten or therefore of these kind heaters (not that brand). As soon as they started providing problems, and the selling agency did not offer parts, they came to be my problem-aren"t i lucky? I taken place to remember the a regional rental firm had a many these kind units. They shared with me their source for universal parts, such as thermocouples. Try a local rental place, OR-a local service that sells/services gas station equipment. Great Luck, David
I saw Lowes yesterday ~ work due to the fact that I don"t have any type of of the paperwork indigenous the heater anymore. Castle don"t have the same brand this year, therefore I"ll have actually to shot something favor that. I"ll take it it apart and get the thermocouple out this weekend. Many thanks for the input.

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