Drunken donkey is proud to serve one of the biggest selections of draft, craft, and also specialty beers in the metro area. If you have an account ~ above Untapped, you have the right to track all the beers the you've tried indigenous our extensive collection.

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Every Tuesday is TEXAS TUESDAY, whereby you obtain $2 off every Texas Pints and also Spirits, such together Honey you re welcome from Armadillo Ale Works, Love Street indigenous Karbach imminent Co, TX Whiskey, western Sons Vodka, and Apple Pineapple from Bishop Cider Co simply to surname a few. Inspect out our complete menu the beers, ciders, and liquors here.

We'd additionally love because that you to be a member of Barley's Buds, whereby you have the right to earn commitment points for all of the beers you drink. And also if you try 30 various craft beers in 30 days, friend can come to be a member of Barley's Suds Buds and get an exclude, t-shirt to show off her achievement.




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The Squealer

The Squealer is a beautiful ridge of mouthwatering flavor. Native the hefty 100% beef patty, come the Bishop Crackberry traction Pork, and also the constantly tasty black woodland ham, topped through 2 slices of crispy Applewood acting bacon and also perfectly melted cheddar cheese, The Squealer is a mouthwatering mountain of a burger that will have you squealing "uncle" long prior to the last bite.



We Cater any kind of Size Group

Check outour chef's favs

SMOthered chick

The Smothered Chicken is a Chef's Favorite. The cook starts v a premium chicken breast perfectly seasoned. It's then grilled come perfection, moist and juicy. He climate smothers the chicken breast with our signature Old Chubb queso and tops it with bacon bits, fresh diced tomato, and chopped jalapeno. Offered with your selection of side, the Smothered Chick is a mouthwatering joy sure to please,


Be Barley's bud.Get an excellent Stuff.

Barley's sprout is the Drunken Donkey loyalty Program that rewards our finest guests because that being a component of the DD Community. If you desire to knife discounts, gifts, and ultimate experiences, climate you have to be one of Barley's Buds,

Earn points for every purchase

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Never worry about FOMO again! become a Barley's Bud and also you'll gain texts and emails maintaining you in the recognize of all the latest. It's FREE. It's FUN! sign up with now!​

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Happy HourMon-Fri, 3-8p

$3.50 Wells, Wines, & Seltzers

$2 off Pints & Appetizers

Late Night Fun

Mon - Fri, 11 ns - 1 A

$2 Longnecks

Budweiser, Bud Light, müller Light, Coors Light

Come on in and Check out OUrDaily specials

We have actually something going on every day! and that has food and drink specials to fit everyone's budget.

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Half Monday 1/2 off Pints & Handhelds all Day

Texas Tiesday $2 off Texas spirits & Pints

1/2 off Margaritas, Palomas, & Ranch Water

$2 taco a la carte

Wacky 1/2 off Wine, Whiskeys, & Burgers


Thirsty Thursday Pint Night & Happy Hour every Day

TBIF Friday $3 Fireball & Screwballs & $5 donkey Balls

Saturday $3 Seltzers & 1/2 turn off Brunch all Day


Sunday Funday $5 Bloody mar & Mimosa Pints

Bucket unique - 5 for price of 4

$4 Chicken strip Basket

Fun times

From Pint Night to video game Day we've always got something walking on. Carry your friend or make some brand-new ones. Either way, cheat is the place to it is in for fun times.