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You wanna dance?Ha, I'ma make you danceYou wanna move?Ha, I'ma do you moveDru Hill come onI got this feelingI can't rotate it looseThat someone else is acquiring next come youCan't to walk aroundLike ns was her foolCause being who I am i can't shed my coolMy friends save telling me bout things going onBut deep in my heart babeI hope the I'm wrongSomebody's sleepin' in my bedMessin' through my headTakin' my place(Somebody's sleepin' in my bed)Sleepin' in bedMessin' through my headTakin' mine place(Takin my place, oh oh)
I come home early on expecting your warmth embraceBut something's wrong reason it's composed on her face(Written on her face)Cause it hurts so bad when i walk through the doorBut you understand one thingI ain't comin' earlier no moreDon't try to phone call me things room still the sameCause as soon as we do love i heard you contact out his nameSomebody's sleepin' in mine bedMessin' with my headTakin' my place(Somebody's sleepin' in my bed)Sleepin' in bedMessin' through my headTakin' my place(Takin my place, five oh)What rather did girlfriend want?What else did girlfriend need?Giving you every little thing plus my heartI provided you the people (Yes ns did)Cause you were my girl (Oh yes I)But you still ran the end on me
Uh, paris shit, various colors whipsI obtained plenty big hits, every kinda dipsGot too manyMy life ain't finish if ns ain't gained no buzzAnd can't nobody execute it like we doesIt's a have to brat bust and also the mic you're handin' meAnd stand for for the remainder of the familyWell I'm recognized for makin' move on mine own large songsAnd now I store it comin' strong till the early mornLemme interrupt your continual scheduleTwistin' turn off high levels of bubonicChokin' amateurs till they vomitI do em sick cause I'm the williestToo much for you to transaction withMy niggas the ride quickSurvive or die bitchWhy move this remix damages everydayIt's prefer this and I never stop puttin the in workI absent from L.A. To Dru HillSomething you deserve to feelAll I'm about is that dolla dolla billWhat the deal?Funkier than ParliamentStay bend behind tentAnd store a nigga payin' my rentMy Gaultier scent lingersVVS describes ideal what's on the fingersWe do believers out of dreamers

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Somebody's sleepin' in my bedMessin' with my headTakin' mine place(Somebody's sleepin' in mine bed)Sleepin' in bedMessin' v my headTakin' my place(Takin mine place, oh oh)