Chop the roof and let the smoke clear

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Brent Faiyaz - Dead guy Walking trident-gaming.netDrop the roof and let the smoke clean (Smoke clear, exhilaration clear) drop the roof and let the smoke clean (Smoke clear, smoke clear) I got diamonds doin" toosie slides in both ear Dice rollin" on the ras Vegas strip tonight Slip that on and we might miss the flight Fuck a knot, I store the guala in my shorty bag
Brent Faiyaz - Dead man Walking trident-gaming.netDrop the roof and let the smoke clean (Smoke clear, smoke clear) drop the roof and also let the smoke clear (Smoke clear, smoke clear) I got diamonds doin" toosie slides in both ear Dice rollin" ~ above the ras Vegas strip tonight Slip that on and we can miss the flight Fuck a knot, I save the guala in mine shorty bag
Mak Sauce & Stunna 4 vegas - an excellent Afternoon ...You and all of your kin (Chop) The roof best off of the Benz Nigga, I"m in her hood through all my ice on bet this pussy niggas won"t perform nothin" He see that Glock, the nigga ain"t dumb Brand brand-new draco let"s have actually some funny Yes an excellent afternoon, an excellent afternoon Yes, lovely work to walk slide on mine opps Sauce, good afternoon, an excellent afternoon
Mak Sauce - good AFTERNOON trident-gaming.netYou and all of your kin (Chop) The roof right off the the Benz Nigga, im in your hood with all my ice on bet this pussy niggas won"t do nothin" He see that Glock, the nigga ain"t dumb Brand brand-new draco let"s have actually some fun. Yes an excellent afternoon, good afternoon Yes, lovely job to go slide on my opps Sauce, good afternoon, great afternoon
NoCap - Ghana trident-gaming.netTake the roof off, chop the coupe half He assumed the smoke to be old, currently the news over there Clippers the only thing the bald his head, he won"t talk to God around it This ain"t mine, this a rental, lil" baby, don"t questioning what mine cars it is in costing straight from West Africa in Ghana No Cap, you"re the hood doctor, we love you to death
Propain - mine Life, Pt. II trident-gaming.netHit the nawf side reason the chop shop gon" provide us much more bucks and also them exact same hoes the was laughin" in ~ my shoes currently they gon" posesthe Blindfolded in the quick lane, we can"t slow-moving up we on the news now, auto-theft division startin" to recognize us The wall surfaces was closin" in, them clear skies rotate to grey view that"s the part about the streets
Rah Swish - Brush Em trident-gaming.netI keep me a Glock, shoot out the roof 2 38"s, 3 22"s large NBA, we did the first, watch what you speak You could get pains Fuck all my opps, they get it worst my bitch got a chop, shit in the purse traction up on Rex, don"t even trip If I call Stretch, north the clip Those not my opps, totally free Thano Brim The crap is a naughty, nigga a snitch
Juice Newton - point of view Of The Morning to "Angel of The Morning" through Juice Newton. There"ll be no strings to tie your hands not if mine love can"t tie your heart. There"s no need to take a stand
50 Cent - In Da club trident-gaming.netIf the roof on fire, permit the motherfucker burn If you talkin" about money, homie, ns ain"t pertained to I"ma tell girlfriend what financial institutions told me: "Cuz, go "head, switch the format up If niggas hate, climate let lock hate, and watch the money pile up" Or we have the right to go upside her head v a party of bub" They understand where we fuckin" be
Abra Cadabra - robbery Remix trident-gaming.netI smoke on the weed, i smoke ~ above the ôunto ns smoke top top the lemon, the ammi, the cheese i phone up PK Humble, we need a rob Phone up PK Humble, we require a robbery male don"t talk, guy rob operation up in the trap choose boss weh di money deh food affi nyam Yuh, tek weh yuh arm pon deh "chete prior to it gain chop
Curren$y - Cheese Cake trident-gaming.netHe let me floss in this shit because that a pair days I acquired my own myself, however see it need fresh paint Perfection take it time for this reason a nigga gotta wait They to speak "Spitta you a life legend" "Ah man, thanks" smoke a fattie at my breakfast and I got earlier to the financial institution Roll, rolling up in the rolfes Royce full of pre-rolls and also the Belaire Rose, bumpin" the G Code
South Park - Dope House family trident-gaming.netI allow the Mary-Go-Round put the hustle under If yous" a woman user Throw your hands in the waiting on this monitor SPM is the producer through the legislations standing ~ above the roof autumn the flows in the booth and also drop the height on the coupe Ain"t no stoppin" the dude my team making money Got "em screaming Dope residence up in Germany Rasheed number one soldado
Skengdo x A.M - Pitbulls trident-gaming.netSend my young young to smoke you favor a hookah (Wah) lock gon" think that he a chef as soon as he cook ya" (Bow-baby) choose a chopstick up, and chop you choose a butcher take the magazine, now we pluggin" like it"s hooked up You it is in shootin" in the air choose your shit looked increase (Bitch) allow it go "til ain"t no much more like mine shit booked increase (Diamonds)
THE display PONIES - someone TO stay trident-gaming.netLet me phone call the truthI wish that i was fireproofI great I might jump off the roofAnd sprout part wings and also fly come youLet me tell friend straightI great that ns was strong and braveBrave sufficient to leave the place I stayTo keep bad dreams a wayLet me knowI"m the one ...
Da tape - They recognize trident-gaming.netIf friend wit me then let them secrets blow (keys blow) Holla litter "em up and also let ya nuts hang low Now.. ns love the haters cause I feed of they power I"m in the same organization as the muthafucker top top the roof who shot Kennedy Waitin because that sinners and They check out the glory and pain You know the story bout the boy with a name
Izzy Bizu - MG trident-gaming.netChop chop to the morning peak down as soon as you stalling as soon as I look into your eyes five bae you got me so high Oooh oooh oooh i don"t have actually nothing To shed I roll, I role I got my MG with the roof ago My wine cool v the ice cream stack Yeah straight shoot Don"t look back I roll, I roll I acquired my MG v the roof back My alcohol cool permit the bass smack yes ...
South Park mexican - Don"t allow Them Foolya ...Smoke water and get wetter than aquarious Thuggish Ruggish million dissension budgets ns chop a bird and also cook 36 chicken nuggets mine future is clear similar to a shooting of vodka I gained love native Corrpitos to Uganda If you jelous listen up fellas It"s no trouble to present you where hell is While part niggas is stickin v ya
Crypt - YouTube Cypher, Vol. 3 trident-gaming.netLet "em understand that I death it v the flow, and also the dude"s at sight dope, but, ns haven"t gained a cape yet i don"t also got a large boy job, but, I"ve got large dreams and a large boy paycheck I recognize don"t nobody wanna speak shit, download skill, prefer I"m plugging in the procession I to be doing work, never gaining a vacation, back on the grind, every time it"s ...
Pitbull - Dirty trident-gaming.netGo do it clear and move the exhilaration outta yo eye So the when whatever go down, the won"t it is in no kind of surprise and I acquired no time for yo lies (No time because that lies!!), save "em because that peter just remember my name, I"m encountering my heater (BITCH!), let"s get it dirty! whatever we do is dirty!!!! us pull up in the drop, it"s dirty!!
CLEAR SOUL forces - FREQ FREQ (FEAT. KOOLEY HIGH) trident-gaming.netClear Soul forces - Freq Freq (feat. Kooley High) Relax her mind and also let her conscience be cost-free You"re now rollin with them boys from the 313 The riley, us freaking your
King Combs - Smoove Shit trident-gaming.netCoupes or the Bentleys or the stars on the roof pair model broads and also they all bad too Party all in the mansion us blow L"s of exhilaration This life is for this reason amazing simply knowing it can be girlfriend What i do? To do "em all look so confused It is reason the color on the victory tight blue? C3 journey "em crazy, fall Mercedes
LABRINTH - up IN FLAMES trident-gaming.netLabrinth:And Its all Clear for The work YeahMay The ideal Man Walk far EhTo The StrongestTo The BravestWhen The Roof Blows up In Flames EhAnd Its every Clear for The DayMay The finest Man AwayIf,To The StrongestTo The BravestWhen The Roof Blows up In Flames
Maino - watch Me carry out It trident-gaming.netWe come and chop and also clear the home in Tryna relocate keys and they don"t recognize the cost, Nigga us gon wipe yo sleep clean We offer dope however no dope fiend Fish scale, no triple beam inspect digital, fight 50 cal take 50 keys, make 50 mill I"m tryna round out favor Meech did and a nigga i be v I"m certified, no bonified If you flaw clock me, peace yea ...
WALE FEAT. JEREMIH - THE human body (FEAT. JEREMIH) trident-gaming.netSo permit me know am ns clear enough, yeah, what"s up? way I, method I, that"s the means I think Shawty straight choose a ide on Bayonne Street In the morning i slide over, she demands a drive I"m favor "Tight, let"s store it AMG "Sliding down, precipitating is straight peak down, permit me kiss her physique I"m digging her fleek, I"m checkin" your gear
MAINO - clock ME execute IT view this thick negative bitch ns gotta have (watch me carry out it)Hundred cash, watch it up in the bag (watch me do it)Pull increase in the huge truck, bitches playin (watch me execute it)Blowin smoke, double cup, clock em out (watch me carry out it)You can love or hate me however you watchin nigga
ABOVE THE legislation - contact IT WHAT YOU desire trident-gaming.netYou"ve now entered the search to, the black triangleNow you understand the reason for the black Mafia theory, hahahaYes that has numerous meanings, yet no matter exactly how you specify itit tho comes the end blackSee it"s simply a hair trimSo girlfriend can call it what friend want<2Pac>Now ns clown ...
DJ Screw - Freestyle because that Freestyle by DJ Screw. The nigga huge Ass Moe Chilling with my partner named D-Mo It"s on his birthday we comin...
Twista - Yo body trident-gaming.netnow let the roof all down while im gettin great ol" head, smoke the tree in the back. You see the mix through the jewels and the stacks, dont try to pull it, I gained goons wit the gats. Mine money lengthy like a python, makes yo bitch to speak fuck it, ima roll wit the mack.

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South Park - Don"t permit Them Foolya trident-gaming.netSmoke water and get wetter 보다 aquarious Thuggish ruggish million dollar budgets i chop a bird and cook 36 chicken nuggets mine future is clear just like a shoot of vodka I got love native corrpitos to uganda If you jelous hear up fellas It"s no problem to show you whereby hell is 2x
Xzibit - The Whole world trident-gaming.netI"m the hardest cold-hearted artist, the coast is clear Dubai, Australia come Africa, this is the year! permit the alcohol friend sippin saturation in yo" mechanism I it is in swimmin through these women, man, fuck "em and flip "em I understand you hopin ns would fall to the side, or walk to means Side that ain"t a motherfucker alive to come and take mine (no!)
ABOVE THE regulation F/ 2PAC, MONEY B - contact IT WHAT U want trident-gaming.netI exhilaration a spliff yet I"m no Jamaican, for this reason won"t friend let a Yankee Doodle Doo what the hasta, raise my hand and cast a hellafied spell girlfriend can"t tell you better ask a weatherman he"ll sigh and also reply, "You shoulda remained in the house" reason Mon is gonna rain on their parades Nowww, clear the smoke, and grab a stupid by his throat
THE COOL youngsters - GETTIN that trident-gaming.netWe acquire money and also we smoke like candle as soon as we do it i let save on her sandals She just wanna acquire used choose samples and also you recognize I jumps in it like a trampoline Wayne the micro fiend (hit me) Gettin it, kickin it, workin it, chick Gettin it, kickin it, workin it, chick walk "head, go "head, go "head, go "head Gettin it, kickin it, workin it, chick
Matisyahu - Chop "Em under Dub trident-gaming.netClear a route so that you might find your means back Chop "em down, chop "em down; chop "em down, chop "em down. Time paris by prefer clouds happen in the sky lifetimes hear and also gone favor the blink of an eye March v this desert one-step in ~ a time, march with the desert one step at a time. From the woodland itself come the manage for the ax,
LICH KING text - "Born that The Bomb" (2012) albumLet"s acquire down to service Beard, short hair, and also I"m fat however I"m death this shit Patch her vest, grow your hair it won"t do a distinction You"re one ass if you care that we look choose this yet if you feel it get up and also bang No frills, no costumes, no ads in Kerrang acquire in development Join the throng We pertained to conquer We concerned conquer labels ...
JEREMIH FEAT. WALE - THE body trident-gaming.netLet me carry out it till ns fill every void You"re choose a Maybach, reasoning damn, lock ain"t even make "em like you no an ext ... That average I don"t require the roof You remind me of my Jeep, i wanna ride it friend something choose my automobile I gained the keys to them, I require the keys to you ... Ch-ch-chop it, my swipe your components Sections she weapon, my snake in her garden

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