The Dragon Quest collection has a long-running joke around beautiful female personalities offering "puff-puff," often with sex-related connotations.

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Dragon search VIII Puff-Puff Cover
The Dragon Quest series has contained a the majority of comedy and also innuendos in that is dialogue, i m sorry is only magnified by the exaggeration British accents of look at every character v a voice actor. The collection has the darker moments, but there are enough poor puns come make also the many stone-hearted that gamers crack a smile.

one of the recurring facets of the Dragon Quest series is the "Puff-Puff", which is something that is offered to the party by beautiful women of ill-repute, and also being an action that woman adventurers have the right to use to beguile enemy monsters right into inaction, which often tends to involve posing v their chest thrust forward.

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The Puff-Puff scenes have become one the the most well known recurring jokes in the Dragon Quest series and long-running pan of the franchise are always interested in seeing just how the latest games will interpret the gag. World who are brand-new to the Dragon Quest series could not be conscious of what a Puff-Puff is and might it is in left mystified by the scene from the older games that are limited to sprites. The time has concerned unveil the mystery of the Puff-Puff and how the has become one the the longest-running hoax in gaming history.

What Is A Puff-Puff?

Bulma Jade bunny Outfit via.DragonBallFandom/RPGsite
The addition of the Puff-Puffs to the Dragon Quest series is likely one the Akira Toriyama"s contributions to the franchise. Akira Toriyama has been a personality designer top top the series since the creation and aspects that appeared in his Dragon Ball manga would additionally make their means into Dragon Quest, such together the hare girl outfits that have actually made their method into virtually every game.

The very first person to sell a "Puff-Puff" to be Oolong from Dragon Ball, who was shapeshifting as Bulma once he available one to master Roshi. A Puff-Puff is basically the action of a woman massaging another person"s challenge with her breasts, though the true nature that the action is only ever before hinted in ~ in Dragon Quest. 

Jessica Dragon pursuit VIII via.IGN
over there were characters offering Puff-Puffs to the heroes the the Dragon Quest series dating all the way back to the very first game, yet these to be censored external of Japan because that a lengthy time. The Puff-Puff scenes were typically changed, v the exception of Dragon pursuit IV for the Nintendo to chat System, which had actually a woman offering "Pufpuf" therapy, but that had actually no sex-related connotations. Dragon quest VI: realms of Reverie for the Nintendo DS changed the Puff-Puff scene right into a makeup session, which provides sense, as the event increases the player"s format stat.


The False Puff-Puffs

The majority of the Puff-Puffs in the Dragon Quest series room usually not what the player expects, which has become a running joke. Dragon search VIII: journey of the Cursed King has a scene where a woman uses to give a blindfolded Puff-Puff, i beg your pardon is in reality a scam, as she"s just rubbing 2 Slime monsters versus the character"s face.

The Puff-Puff scene in Dragon search IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky involves a mrs rubbing the player character"s face in between the rears of 2 sheep. A girl offers to give the hero of Dragon search III: seeds of Salvation a Puff-Puff, just for that to revolve out to it is in a massage from her father. Dragon quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age includes a Puff-Puff scene whereby the Luminary is tricked right into going bungee jumping. The Dragon Quest games tend to play up the Puff-Puff as something kinky, just to traction the rug out from under the player in ~ the critical moment, i beg your pardon is why the has come to be a well-known joke among the fans.


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