Signs of a Turnabout! The Autonomous Ultra Instinct Erupts!!逆転の兆し!身勝手の極意が大爆発!!Gyakuten no Kizashi! Migatte no Gokui ga ^^Dai-Bakuhatsu!!

Script: Atsuhiro TomiokaDirector/Storyboard: Makoto SonodaAnimation Supervisors: Yōichi Ōnishi, Shūichirō Manabe

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Toonami and #DragonBallSuper fans, an update on critical week's slowdown of action scenes. Right here goes: SO. Mental the Pokémon flashing episode that prompted a bunch the epileptic episodes in viewers? due to the fact that then, TV networks have something referred to as the "Harding Test." Every show, commercial, etc is run through this test to make certain it doesn't have actually flashing frames the could cause folks v epilepsy.

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The last few eps the DBS have had fight scenes the are cut to around one framework per modify in some places—they evidently failure the Harding Test. Our program modify folks, who carry out these tests, typically just sluggish the cuts under in these scenes to about four frames per second. In the instance of this DBS eps, that made the fight scenes look insanely slow. Program edit does this routinely, so they didn't even think to educate us.

Thanks come you fans that let me know, we asked program edit if there was any way they might slow these scenes down LESS. So from currently on, they will certainly he slowed (if lock fail the test) to two frames a second, down from one. We tested it and it looks way better. Anyway, that's the finest we can do due to the fact that obviously, us don't desire to it is in causing people to have epileptic episodes. Thanks to every one of you who let us recognize what was going on, and also hopefully we have nipped the worst that this in the bud for the future. Reap DBS tomorrow! #onlytoonami