Nikki Maxwell could just gain her an initial kiss with her crush, Brandon, in this seventh installment of the #1 brand-new York times bestselling Dork Diaries series!Nikki’s juggling a many this month. A reality TV crew is adhering to Nikki and also her friends together they document their hit tune together, to add there space voice lessons, dance practice, and little sister Brianna’s latest wacky hijinks. Nikki’s sure she deserve to handle everything, but will every the excitement cause brand-new problems because that Nikki and also Brandon, now that cameras are almost everywhere Nikki goes?

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Rachel Renée Russell is an attorney who prefers writing tween books to legal briefs. (Mainly due to the fact that books space a lot an ext fun and pajamas and bunny slippers aren’t permitted in court.) Rachel resides in Chantilly, Virginia.

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Dork Diaries 7 OMG!! i STILL have the right to hardly believe what happened to me yesterday!! three totally-awesome-completely-unbelievable-too-good-to-be-true-exciting-wonderful things!! Totally-awesome-completely-unbelievable-too-good-to-be-true-exciting-wonderful point #1: ns ACTUALLY saw THE VALENTINE’S work SWEETHEART DANCE !! SQUEEEE! Yep! It was girls questioning the guys! and at the an extremely last moment, I finally got increase the nerve to ask my crush, Brandon! Totally-awesome-completely-unbelievable-too-good-to-be-true-exciting-wonderful point #2: ns WAS CROWNED SWEETHEART PRINCESS !! SQUEEEEEEE!! ns still don’t know exactly how that happened. Yet it did! and also I have actually my TIARA to prove it!!ME, still WEARING my DAZZLING TIARA FROM last NIGHT! and also finally, the most AMAZING point EVER! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Totally-awesome-completely-unbelievable-too-good-to-be-true-exciting-wonderful thing #3: throughout THE really LAST dance OF THE most PERFECT, ROMANTIC, FAIRY-TALE EVENING, BRANDON and I . . . Hey! Wait a minute! Is the my mobile ringing?!! YES! mine phone IS ringing!!! Hey! maybe it’s . . . BRANDON!! !!! (Checking mine caller id . . .) NOPE!! It’s not Brandon calling. WAIT!! OMG!!! i can’t think it’s . . . He’s simply THE most famed TV producer in the whole WORLD! and the host of my favourite TV show, a reality TV show/talent boots camp referred to as . . . SQUEEEEEEE !! Gotta answer my phone! I’m on spring break from school this whole week. So I’ll have plenty the time to end up writing this . . . LATER!!! !