Artist Childish Gambino and producer Ludwig Goransson job-related together to make this chilled the end summery hip-hop track v a feature from possibility the Rapper. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino shares developing responsibilities and is the vocalist/MC transparent the album. Ludwig has been a influential producer in Donald’s music career since his at an early stage mixtape ‘Culdesac’ released in 2010. ‘The worst guys’ originates from the album ‘Because the Internet’ released 2013.; In an interview through HipHopDX Goransson recalls his involvement through the project wasn’t details as Glover to be going v an speculative phase, ‘ ns was like trying to like number out if he also wanted me involved at all. I remember sort of inviting myself to the house. I was like, ‘Here, i am.’ Let’s work today’. The goes on to reveal Glover’s duty as co-producer top top the album, “I was in the room and heard ‘Crawl’ and also was like, ‘This is amazing. If ns gonna be affiliated in this project I really should step my video game up to the next level’.

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Track Background

Written By: opportunity The Rapper, Ludwig Göransson & Childish Gambino

Mastered by: kris Athens

Mixed By: Andrew Dawson

Guitar: Ludwig Göransson

Additional Drum: ProgrammingS-X

Release Date: December 10, 2013

Ludwig Goransson discover in an interview the The Worst men was the 3rd track the team produced on the album. The main drive because that the track came from an important that Donald made, ‘Dial up’:

Music video features some different effects favor a LPF come emulate gift underwater to complement the visuals in the video.

Analytical Breakdown:

Tempo : 97 BPM

Key : D Major

Duration : 3 min 40 s

Time Signature : 4/4

The lyrical content of the song appears lighthearted however honest, Gambino uses a most metaphors and and wordplay through his rapping to run from subjects, stories and also even seemingly arbitrarily lines while maintaining the circulation of the verses tight and on point. The hook sung by Chance and Gambino, ‘All she necessary was some’, is a line that come out the the blue in the studio rather than being tailor composed to to the right the songs definition if the actually has actually one, Goransson relives the minute that line to be born in the studio, ‘ opportunity came approximately the house, and we play the beat for him. Chance instantly started singing “all she necessary was some,” and also we all started laughing–you can’t just say that?? Anyhow, after a while we where like, yeah, you can, this actually works!’, so it deserve to be claimed that that was produced from fitting the melody and also the vibe the the overall song rather than adding any meaning, although that does include to the fun, lighthearted feel of the song. Few of the subjects rapped about in the tune are, being wealthy as Gambino raps around having courtside tickets, safety 8k ~ above a bath and having an expensive paint job ~ above his car, having actually threesomes pointed out twice in the song, and being used by ‘friends’ because that his hot tub; As stated it is a revealing look into his lifestyle yet he doesn’t get in depth about the subjects, rather placing them out there and also leaving translate to the listener, perhaps just acquiring stuff turn off his chest or ‘automatic writing’ whereby whatever comes to mind is composed out or freestyled where there is naught written yet the artist records verses on the spot, in the booth.

The reason I referred to the tune as summery may have actually been deliberated from the music video which is shot completely on a beach and also features surfing, however I also think it comes from the the significant chords used giving the song an uplifting feeling. It also uses many basic sounds, the synth provided sounds to be a sine wave through a filter because that example, and also finally it functions a etc solo i m sorry isn’t straightforward but the electric, slightly distorted sound ties in v a sun drenched summery sound.



Top 4 results from ‘Childish Gambino hate’ reflects his criticism is a usual discussion point.

Another take it on the songs an interpretation is given in this review short article by, they to speak it’s a responsive tune to all the criticism native rap movie critics that key him as the ‘worst guy’ in rap, going on to say ‘ Childish Gambino seems to realize the on “The Worst Guys” and also he’s far better off for the realization. He sounds calm here, shuffling in-and-out of a goofy Schoolboy Q snarl end a wonky carnival synth sound’.

Critical Analysis:

Samples and sounds indigenous the track ‘Dial Up’ are greatly featured transparent the song. Dial increase is likewise a Childish Gambino critical track from the same album and also lists prior to ’The Worst Guys’ acting together a kind of intro once the album is played in order. Together an intro it’s quiet long but as a was standing alone is brief at 44.5 seconds, it’s likewise very basic featuring 3 basic synths, a sine/square through some effects, a sawtooth v a kind amount the noise and also a bell synth do from a short attack and also decay sinewave through a release play high frequency notes v reverb and delay. Ultimately tying every little thing together is the very first element heard, a recording or sample that a cars’ windscreen wiper i beg your pardon acts together the percussion because that the track.




Screencap that ‘Dial up’ wave type from ableton

In ‘The Worst Guys’ the sample is used looping the ar with the an initial sine wave synth the comes in, throughout the verses the synth is isolated however through the hook at the beginning and after the first verse the windscreen wiper noise is included; the sample is compressed to add volume and blend with the vocals that sing over the top. The sawtooth synth come in during the second half of each verse to include interest to the beat, providing each verse 2 distinct sounds. Personally from brief stops in city 2 and after the same verse the sample plays transparent the entire song even returning to feature the windscreen wiper in ~ the outro giving the tune a full circle conclusion.

For the bassline producer Goransson gives us an understanding into how it to be made in the interview with stating, ‘ i had constantly wanted come experiment with 808 bass lines, and also I think the chromatic pattern that come out is yes, really cool and jazzy. It’s in truth my fav part of the song’. Below is a accuse on how a 808 bassline is made, come summarize, it’s make by playing an 808 kick drum v a long release which draws the end the note of the drum hit and also playing the kick north on various notes to do a bassline pattern.

Along with this the snare north is a snappy shoot registering in the high frequencies leave the lower frequencies to it is in filled by the kick drum and also the reduced mid through the ‘dial up’ sample although that goes lower during sections where it is played prefer an instrument, provided to rest up the beat, give interest and also transition.

Finally percussive way there is a short volume percussion, that hits on many 8th notes throughout the verses, it might be a closed hat or hold-up from the high pitched snare drum. Subtle however fills out the greater frequencies.

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Vocally the vocals are most likely performed ~ above a mic v a even and vast frequency response, possibly a vacuum mic choose the NTK. They are well produced to give the high quality sound that we hear from pop music. Key correction is most likely used to offer the illusion that a perfect performance.