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We live in period where grammar mistakes and also slang words are everywhere. Assist yourself (or someone else) out by learning the correct means to speak or create these 10 commonly misused words and phrases in the English language.

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1. Ns couldn’t care less.

Incorrect: “I could treatment less around what her friend did.”

Correct: “I couldn’t treatment less around what her friend did.”

Explanation: If you to speak “I could treatment less”, it way that girlfriend CAN treatment less. The correct use is come say “I couldn’t care less”, definition you have actually no more ‘care’ left to give!

2. Take for granted.

Incorrect: “Don’t take it me for granite.”

Correct: “Don’t take it me for granted.”

Explanation: If someone states “don’t take it me because that granite”, you could laugh and also say something follow me the lines of “Why? Did girlfriend turn right into a large slab that granite recently?” Granite is a form of rock. “Granted” is the correct use.

3. Should’ve/would’ve/could’ve.

Incorrect: “I must of gone to the grocery store.” – “I would of gone to the grocery store store.” – “I could of gone to the grocery store.”

Correct: “I should’ve gone to the grocery store store.” – “I would’ve gone to the grocery store.” – “I could’ve unable to do to the grocery store store.”

Explanation: Many human being write the word “of” in place of the finishing conjunction ‘ve. Should of, would of, and could of are never ever correct. Should’ve, would’ve, and also could’ve room the correct words. They stand for “should have”, “would have”, and “could have”.

4. For every intents and also purposes.

Incorrect: “For all extensive purposes, brand-new Year’s night is the exact same thing together December 31st.”

Correct: “For all intents and also purposes, brand-new Year’s eve is the very same thing as December 31st.”

Explanation: “For every intents and purposes” is the exactly phrase. It way for helpful purposes. If you to speak “for all extensive purposes”, you’re speak your purpose is intense.

5. Hunger pangs.

Incorrect: “This diet I’m on is providing me hunger pains.”

Correct: “This diet I’m ~ above is providing me hunger pangs.”

Explanation: although you might feel pain in your abdominal an ar from hunger, “hunger pains” is not the correct means to speak it. “Hunger pangs” room sudden strong feelings the hunger.

6. Supposed to/used to.

Incorrect: “I am suppose to carry out the dishes after ~ dinner.” – “I usage to very own that car.”

Correct: “I am supposed to execute the dishes ~ dinner.” – “I used to own that car.”

Explanation: at any time you are saying “supposed to” or “used to”, you always have to add the d to the end – don’t forget it! “Suppose to” and “use to” space not grammar correct.

7. Bear with me.

Incorrect: “This is my very first presentation, so you re welcome bare v me.”

Correct: “This is my very first presentation, so please bear with me.”

Explanation: The correct verb come use below is “bear”, not “bare”. If you speak “bare v me”, you’re basically asking rather to undress through you. And, back that may be her intention in part cases, the correct usage is to say “bear through me” which means to have actually patience with you.

8. Moot point.

Incorrect: “We wanted to uncover a babysitter, however the video game was canceled for this reason it’s a mute point.”

Correct: “We want to discover a babysitter, but the video game was canceled therefore it’s a moot point.”

Explanation: How can a allude be “mute”? A silent suggest doesn’t make sense. “Moot” means that is has actually no importance or is merely hypothetical.

9. Regardless.

Incorrect: “Irregardless, I’m quiet going to be able to finish mine assignment by tonight.”

Correct: “Regardless, I’m still going to be able to finish mine assignment by tonight.”

Explanation: “Irregardless” isn’t really a word. Yes, it has actually been included to some dictionaries however has been labeled as “nonstandard” i m sorry basically way the word is in hefty use yet isn’t yes, really a word. “Regardless” is the exactly word come use. “Regardless” way “without regard”, yet when you include “ir” to the start you’re it is negative it, therefore you’re speak “without there is no regard”, which just doesn’t make sense.

10. Lose/losing.

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Incorrect: “We space loosing the video game right now, 14-7.”

Correct: “We are losing the game right now, 14-7.”

Explanation: “Loose” method not tight. That is no the very same as “lose”. If you’re talking around not winning, that is constantly only one ‘o’, never two. “We always loose” sounds choose you’re speaking broken English saying that you’re never ever tight.

There you have actually it… 10 typically misused words and phrases in the English language! Also, if you require a great laugh the covers several of these, watch Weird Al’s “Word Crimes” video below. Enjoy!