Whataburger is a regional American burgess chain with over 1000 locations in miscellaneous southern states of America. The quick food chain was founded in corpus Cristi, Texas in 1950 and has because grown to it is in a well-known burger location for millions.

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What is gluten cost-free at Whataburger?

In this article and guide, we’ll to mark all the gluten totally free menu items, sides, and also other gf options obtainable at Whataburger. Desire to learn an ext nutrition and also allergen facts around Whataburger’s foods? examine out your Nutrition PDF here.

Whataburger doesn’t have a most gluten complimentary options and also has a high danger for cross-contamination. Please save that in psychic if you have actually Celiac condition or a gluten allergy.

Whataburger Gluten cost-free Menu

These space all the gluten complimentary options we can find at Whataburger. Keep in mind all items noted below execute not save wheat or gluten, based upon the Whataburger Menu. These items still have the potential because that cross contamination and also other traces that gluten, so please store that in mind.

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These are every one of the sandwich options at Whataburger that carry out not contain wheat or gluten ingredients.

Burger (no bun)Grilled Chicken (no bun)Eggs (no bun)


These are every one of the salad alternatives at Whataburger that perform not save on computer wheat or gluten ingredients.

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Apple & Cranberry Chicken SaladGarden Salad


These are every one of the political parties at Whataburger that perform not save wheat or gluten ingredients.

Apple SlicesFrench FriesHash Brown Sticks


These are every one of the dessert options at Whataburger that execute not save wheat or gluten ingredients:

Fruit ChewsDr. Pepper ShakeStrawberry ShakeChocolate ShakeVanilla Shake


These are all of the beverages in ~ Whataburger that perform not save on computer wheat or gluten ingredients:

Sweet/Unsweet TeaCoffeeSimply Orange JuiceMilkChocolate MilkCoca Cola Soft Drinks


Photo: Whataburger Facebook

Summary the Gluten complimentary Menu choices at Whataburger

Pro tips and also a quick an introduction of whatever gluten free at Whataburger

Whataburger has very couple of options for human being with gluten allergies.Tell lock you have an allergy or Celiac disease so they take precautions through your meal.You can get salads and also shakes with little risk. Because that fries and other choices the cross-contamination risk is high!Users mutual reviews that the burger or grilled chicken with lettuce is a an excellent option!


Source: Whataburger Facebook

More Information about Whataburger

Looking for added information about Whataburger, your foods, and also nutritional/ingredients facts? below are some sources we’ve found: