There are a ton that myths neighboring shapewear – some of which space positive, however most room negative. Fortunately, many women execute their research as soon as they’re thinking about wearing shapewear for the first time to find out if any concerning myths are true.

So – congrats! you’ve made it into the ranking of smart, discerning ladies who space willing to forget what buy it at job-related told lock (sorry Sarahs!) and also find out specifically why the is the – if shapewear is together a poor thing – the is a staple of celebrity closets anywhere the world.

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Today fine debunk several of the most typical shapewear myths we’ve heard, and tell girlfriend if there’s any truth come them. Check out on to find out!

Myth #1: Shapewear, Corsets, and Waist Trainers room All the exact same Thing

The first myth fine tackle is the idea that shapewear, corsets, and waist trainers space all the exact same thing. This no the case. While most waist trainers can absolutely be uncovered in the same category as shapewear, corsets can’t.

Corsets are stiff, contain stole bones, and also are laced up so they have the right to be pulled together tight as possible. Of course, we’ve every heard around the health obstacles some women had actually in the 18th century due to the fact that wearing corsets was the fashion. Corsets were and are for body modification – they pressure the human body to fit right into the space they provide.

Waist trainers space different. Waist trainers nowadays room made native soft, flexible materials like latex and neoprene, and if they have actually bones castle are also flexible. Most waist trainers on the sector are designed to host you in all the right places, wear all day, and also even occupational out in.

Shapewear is a more general term for every the different varieties of undergarments you deserve to wear to assist smooth lumps and also bumps. We all – no matter how skinny or fit – have actually put top top a dress or pair the jeans and also found that we have actually an unflattering love take care of somewhere we wouldn’t have in any other item of clothing. It happens! Shapewear is over there to aid you undertake outfits that room form-fitting or provide you a bang you no happy with.


To develop on our last myth, it’s additionally a myth the shapewear will damage and transition your offal – just corsets deserve to do the if you push it come the many extreme, that can’t take place by accident!

If you’ve ever before seen a corset in actual life, you’ll view that they can not be urgently away, lock are incredibly stiff and also force her body to fit into the an are it provides. That’s why high society women in history had so much trouble breathing; there merely wasn’t any room for the diaphragm to broaden to attract breath. Also the most high-compression shapewear and waist trainer can’t have that effect.



Nope! This is a seriously common myth and also one we perform our finest to dissuade. Sizing under in her shapewear won’t necessarily make you look smaller, and even if it does make the area you want look smaller, you’ll likely find that it creates lumps and also bumps at the edges where it’s also tight because that you – which fully defeats the function of put on shapewear in the very first place!

You should constantly wear shapewear that is the right size because that you (if you need help, we’re only an email away and will make certain you obtain your best size) for this reason it have the right to smooth every customs of friend it touches. Shapewear is designed to slim and smooth what did you do it got, however if you dimension down too lot it won’t be able to do that effectively.

In regards to waist trainers, wherein the score is to dimension down, you should start v a dimension that feels comfortable and just a tiny compressive, and also when she ready, move in a hook-size come waist-train in ~ a smaller size or size down come a brand-new trainer. Waist training is simply that, training, it’s to teach you and also your belt to tone and slim. (Find out an ext about waist training here.) 

If you wear a belt trainer or shapewear that’s also small, you’ll likely be uncomfortable and eventually prevent wearing it. Shapewear and also waist trainers room designed to be comfortable and invisible because that hours, so make sure you obtain the dimension that renders that possible.


You can, and, if you desire to, you should! as we disputed above, if you wearing the correct dimension your shapewear must feel almost invisible. Shapewear is no harmful, it’s yes, really no various to attract a pair the compression workout leggings (which world happily wear every day long, right?), and also it deserve to even help mold her body end time.

Let’s be real: friend wear shapewear to feel an excellent about yourself – and if you feeling fabulous once you’ve acquired the assistance of your shapewear, why do not do it you undertake it every day long? It’s not harmful (we debunked the myth already) and if she wearing a waist trainer it’s in reality recommended friend wear that on a everyday basis for as much as 12 hours at a time.

You don’t need to reserve her shapewear for unique occasions – together women, we have a tendency to put away the things that make us feel our ideal just because that “special occasions” and also stick v feeling slightly less than remarkable the remainder of the time. Girlfriend don’t need to do that through your shapewear. You have actually our permission to feeling your finest all the time.


At this point, you have to read this myth and roll her eyes – we know this isn’t true. Yet, the a pervasive assumed that circulates, so it is worth addressing.

If her shapewear no comfortable, there’s something wrong through it. No you – the shapewear. The either as well small, too big, or price you $5 and also the quality just isn’t there. Sorry, however while shapewear is affordable, good shapewear that will certainly fit you favor a glove and also feel exceptional cannot be uncovered on the online equivalent of the dissension store.

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If the materials it is made out of space itchy, continually rolls increase or down, is see-through choose hosiery (compression shapewear can’t be the thin), it’s likely made the end of other cheap. If your shapewear no hugging you, if you still have actually rolls or bumps in places you don’t want them, or if it doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything at all, it’s either made of subpar materials or it’s the not correct size.