What is the Masuda Method?

The Masuda Method is the act of breeding your Pokemon with higher odds of the egg hatching into a Shiny Pokemon. This method was introduced in Generation 6 and is one of the best methods in obtaining a Shiny Pokemon.

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How do I breed Pokemon?

In order to breed your pokemon you will need to drop off two Pokemon of the same Egg Group to the Pokemon Nursery. There is no way to see the Egg Group in-game, it’s something you have to look up online essentially. We got you covered with our full Pokedex, where we list the Egg Group of every single Pokemon. An easy trick is to catch two of the same type of Pokemon (one male, one female) because identical Pokemon are always the same egg group.

The Pokemon Nursery is located on Route 5 between Turffield and Hulbury.



Once at the Nursery head to the girl standing in front of the building, select the Pokemon you want to breed, and drop them off. One must be Male and the other must be Female. Talk to the same girl again and select dialogue “Is everything OK?”. If the woman says “They are doing fine, though they don’t seem fond of each other” the two Pokemon will take longer to produce an egg. If the woman says “Your Pokemon are doing just fine. They seem to get along all right.” that means your Pokemon will be more likely to produce an egg more quickly.

Walk around or fight some Pokemon to let some time pass until the egg is ready. Check back with the woman outside the Nursery and if her arms are crossed and she is holding her chin it means she has an egg for you. That’s an easy tell that an egg is ready (see her pose in the screenshot below).


Speak to the Nursery worker and she will offer the egg to you which you can accept or decline. If you accept the egg you will be given the choice if you want to have it added to your party or sent to your Box.


Once the egg is in your party simply continue your journey. After you have walked enough steps or traveled enough the egg will hatch resulting in a Stage 1 version of the Pokemon in the Nursery.

Note that Undiscovered Egg Group Pokemon can not produce an egg.

Breeding with Ditto

While breeding for Shiny Pokemon or specific Pokemon it is best to use a Ditto. Ditto will match the species and opposite gender of the Pokemon you are using to try to breed. Ditto takes the guess work out of a majority of breeding.

How do I do the Masuda Method?

The Masuda Method will require you to obtain a Pokemon being used to breed from a different language version of the game from another region. If you have the English version of the game you are going to want to find another compatible Egg Group Pokemon from a Region such as French, Spanish, German, Japanese etc. After receiving a Pokemon via trade, check their profile to see if they are from another language region. Here is an example of a Pokemon from another region:


Having a Ditto from another region will make it so you don’t need to obtain multiple Egg Group Pokemon for each of the Egg Groups you want to try to hatch a Shiny Pokemon from.

If I have a Japanese Ditto and breed it with a Japanese Charmander will Masuda Method still work?

No. The two Pokemon left in the Nursery need to be from different regions so if you have FRE Charmander and a JPN Ditto it will allow the Masuda Method to work, if you have a JPN Charmander and a JPN Ditto on an English game it still will not work as the Pokemon are the from the same region. The Masuda Method essentially promotes cross region breeding.

How much does the Masuda Method bump Shiny odds?

The odds of hatching a Shiny Pokemon from the Masuda Method are increased from 1 in 4096 (0.024%) to 1 in 682 (0.15%).

Can you stack the Shiny Charm with the Masuda Method?

Yes, the Shiny Charm can be used in conjunction with the Masuda Method to further increase the odds of receiving a Shiny Pokemon from 1 in 682 (0.15%) to approximately 1 in 339 (0.30%).

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Does either Pokemon dropped off at the Nursery need to be shiny?

No. The parents being shiny or not have no impact on the Pokemon being shiny when it hatches from the egg.

Can you Soft Reset for hatching eggs?

Yes but this isn’t the most optimal way of hatching shinies as it actually takes a longer time to go through the process.

Soft Resetting for eggs is when you save prior to receiving the egg from the Nursery worker. Once the egg is picked up everything about that Pokemon is predetermined. To Soft Reset an egg hatching you would have to save before picking up the egg and hatch the egg without saving between these two things happening. If the egg does not hatch into what you want you can reload your save file and receive the egg again for another chance however in most cases by the time you have received the egg and hatched it you will have already been able to receive at least one more egg from the Nursery giving you another chance anyway, which is why this method isn’t really useful.

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That’s all there is to know about the Masuda Egg Hatching Method in Pokemon Sword and Shield. For more ways to improve your Shiny Hunting odds, please refer to our full Pokemon Sword & Shield Shiny Hunting Guide.

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