Reduce data usage

Data Saver reduces the app’s data usage by showing fewer images and also reducing audio quality.

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Tap home


Tap settings


Switch Data Saver on.

Tip: Under Data Saver, girlfriend can also switch Audio-only podcasts on. This means when friend download podcasts it doesn’t download their videos too.

More ways to reduce mobile data usage:

If you have actually Premium, download music to listen offline.Tip: Make sure the application only downloads when associated to WiFi, move Download making use of cellular turn off in the app’s setups (under Music Quality).Check your Music Quality. Greater quality music uses an ext data.Switch Autoplay turn off in her app’s settings. This stops it play after what did you do it selected.Use WiFi once using the application abroad. Inspect your mobile data arrangement to learn around roaming charges.Your maker may have its own data saver. Check the website for her device.

Video data

Videos use more data than music as result of larger file sizes, but our data consumption is comparable to various other popular video clip channels.

Videos on podcasts

Some podcasts feature videos. You can’t revolve these videos off, but they just play once you have actually them on-screen. If friend navigate far from the podcast or lock your device, only the audio plays.

Note: When downloading a podcast, only the audio is downloaded, not the video.

Now playing relocating visuals

The moving visuals in currently Playing is a feature called Canvas - a unique form of artistic expression ~ above

These room short and looping, so usage very little data. After ~ they’ve looped once, lock don’t require any more data to save playing. They also don’t proceed to operation in the background.

If don’t desire Canvas, you have the right to switch that off:

Tap Home


Tap setups


Switch Canvas (under Playback) off.

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The application uses few of your device’s web bandwidth to play music there is no buffering.

To reduce bandwidth usage:

Close any type of other open up applications using the internetIf you have actually Premium, download music to hear offlineUse the web player

Last updated: 12 August, 2021