Do I need to tip my tow van operator for your service? Drivers and also tow van owners have taken various sides the the argument, so what’s the truth?

America is a an extremely tip-conscious country. Tips are expected (as they should be!) because that services noted by waiters, manicurists, hairstylists, valets…the perform goes on.

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And if you’re as arithmetically challenged as ns am, the mad rush at the end of your organization to calculation a tip can induce some stress: Did I reminder them enough? Or as well little? What provides a an excellent tip, and what provides a negative one? go this business even need a tip? 

While ministrations favor restaurant service constantly require a tip, conventions about gratuity for forms of company (like, say, roadside aid or towing services) are not always clear.

So below are some tips, if girlfriend will.

Should I pointer roadside assistance?


When you call a roadside assistance company like AAA and asking if tipping the tow truck driver is required, the organization representative will tell you that you don’t need to tip.

The towing company representative might further define that the company’s roadside assistance personnel space paid for their work and also that advice aren’t component of their all at once compensation.

However, if girlfriend peruse digital forums asking the exact same question, you’ll obtain a smorgasbord the answers indigenous readers.

Some argue the the services noted by companies choose AAA space difficult; outstanding skill and kindness need to be rewarded v a tip.

Others compete that services such together a tire change or jumpstart room so regime that castle shouldn’t require anything much more than the initial cost to guarantee a job well done.

Of course, tow drivers appreciate tips, especially if they make minimum fairy or think they’re payment too little by their employer.

You can uncover pretty adamant arguments for both political parties of this issue. At the finish of the day, if the firm advises against tipping, you have the right to do every little thing you want depending on how generosity you’re feeling.

If you think the worker went above and beyond and also deserves a tip, the general consensus is $5 for little services like a jumpstart, unlock, or flat tire, and $10 because that a tow.

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Of course, feel complimentary to give an ext or less, relying on your ability to give. For the many part, if you’re no sure how much to guideline in any kind of kind the situation, start v 10 percent the the total service cost.