Bell peppers are the crunchy, sweet fruit us can"t get enough of. Even if it is you"re a pan of the green, orange, yellow, or red variety, bell peppers can add that extra little bit of texture and also sweetness to numerous a dish. In the fall we love the comfort and heartiness the a stuffed bell pepper, or we roast castle and add them to a pasta or chicken dish. When spring and also summer roll around, they"re perfect because that salads and your favorite fajitas recipe. Bell peppers are just delicious, and also if the weren"t enough, they"re also full of nutritional goodness. Per Healthline, a bell pepper can administer up to 129% that your daily vitamin C. 

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But how can you expand the shelf life of this babies? as NBC News shared, grocery store prices are high and also they"re only going to gain higher. This way we need to do everything feasible to keep our fruits and vegetables from spoiling prior to we can eat them. So exactly how do we save our vibrant peppers? PepperScale revealed that bell peppers will only last 5 days if you keep them top top the counter. But, follow to Delish, storing her bell peppers in the refrigerator isn"t a an excellent idea if you desire to keep them new — and also here"s why.

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Delish common that as soon as you save your bell peppers in the refrigerator, they can lose your crunchiness, i m sorry doesn"t make for a yummy snack come nosh on. However, according to food blogger Jerry James Stone, it"s no that girlfriend shouldn"t keep your bell peppers in the refrigerator at all — rather, it"s how you keep them in the fridge. Stone explained the bell peppers like to be cold and should walk in the refrigerator. But, he additionally shared that if they"re wet in any way, you"ll must dry lock off since wet is this fruit"s great enemy and will reason it to shed that crunch us love. 

Stone likewise revealed the humidity is a bell pepper"s friend. To the end, you"ll desire to keep them in a plastic bag, one of two people the one they come in or a ziplock bag. And also then on optimal of that, they need to go in the crisper drawer. Rock shared that while bell peppers prefer the cold, castle don"t desire to be together cold as the coldest suggest in your refrigerator; thus you"ll desire to store them in the really front of the crisper drawer. Execute all this properly, and rock says your bell pepper will certainly be in guideline top, crunchy eating shape for 2 to 3 weeks.