The ideal Team Composition will certainly leave you with a satisfying win and party members the you will never ever want to offer up. As soon as thinking around the right Team Composition, friend either desire to walk all-in on Magic damages or Physical damage or break-up your damage output in between Magic and Physical. If girlfriend are having actually a rough time choosing, i have detailed some that the finest Team Composition the will keep that Party synergy up and make her team unstoppable!


5. A song of Earth and Fire


Use this ingredient to send your enemies to hell!

The element of Fire and Earth is an extremely powerful! You will be setting your opponents afire, providing them the effect of burned, conjuring increase the earth beneath their feet and also causing far-reaching physical and an important damage!

Why A tune of Earth and also Fire is Great:

With huge physical damages output, you and also your party will deal significant an essential Damage to your foes!This Composition works well as result of the mix of Fire and Earth damage.Also, through a Magick Archer, you and also your team deserve to work together to punch up surfaces and engulf your enemies in flames and poison!

A song of Earth and Fire Details:

Juggernaut: You are a warrior in the party that will usage a mix of Geomancer skills for earth damage and also Warfare an abilities for Physical an essential Damage. You will certainly be ~ above the frontlines wreaking destruction while managing the group to your will!Magick Archer: as you remain away from the key crowd, girlfriend will usage your fire arrows come ignite the oil spilled by Terramancer and also Juggernaut! friend will likewise use Knockdown Arrows to get rid of your enemies!Battlemage: as a Battlemage, friend will utilize Warfare and Pyrokinetic an abilities to store your opponents in check! at close range, you will be able to do destructive damage and make life a life hell because that the opponents on the battlefield!Terramancer: together a Terramancer, you will certainly be on the prior lines stripping far Physical Armor! You will certainly be with the Battlemage using an abilities such together Earthquake or Whirlwind based on your enemy’s armor. Climate you will have the ability to unleash Earthquake when your enemy’s magical Armor is gone!


4. Separation Party Damage


Control the Arena through a mix of skills that will certainly leave friend satisfied!

As a separation down the middle between Magic damage Output and also Physical damages Output, this composition thrives on being 50/50 with each. This is the setup ns used! it is really efficient and also kind to newer players! To have actually the most reliable outcomes v this composition, you have to work well v your teammates, therefore read listed below to see just how you have the right to make that happen!

Why split Party damages is Great:

With this Composition, you and your party will select which skills to usage to tear down an enemy based on their armor.This Composition permits both Physical and Magic Armor to be used, do you prepared for what the enemies can litter at you.With Magic and Physical Skills, you can mix and match so many combinations because that the best builds.It provides newer players a better variety of an abilities to usage and more room come experiment there is no reaping terrible benefits.

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Split Party damages Details:

Terramancer: together a Terramancer, you will be on the former lines utilizing Geomancer, Necromancer, and Warfare skills. Girlfriend will have the ability to stand firm in front of her enemies and choose which ability to use based on their armor. As a tank, you will soak up a many damage, steal health from enemies, and also be very hard come kill!Druid: as a summoner through buff skills, you will be the assistance of her team. V a mix the Necromancer skills, girlfriend will have the ability to have ranged physics abilities, but your main focus for this composition is come buff and heal your party members. With countless buff an abilities such as tranquility of Mind, a Druid stands in ~ a distance. However, together a summoner, you additionally have the chance to struggle in the former lines!Magick Archer: never ever underestimate one archer! In this Composition, friend will have the ability to stay at a distance and also pick your opponents off with all species of elemental Arrows combined with Knockdown arrows. With Knockdown Arrows, you space helping her team skip one enemy’s turn and additionally rid of your physical armor! The ultimate combination!Necromancer Warrior: as Necromancer Warrior, you will certainly be running in the center of the battlefield together with the Terramancer. Your task is to drainpipe the life the end of her enemies. You will certainly be act insane damage and also will be the Tank of her party!


3. Physical damages Party


Take the end your opponents without uncertainty as a merciless heavy-damage handle tank! 

Having an every Physical damages Party calls because that a an extremely strategic playthrough! it is not recommended for newer players, together it take away a lot of understanding of the game’s mechanics, a solid expertise of skills, and complex strategies. However, if you do want to shot and handle this Composition, then check out below!

Why Physical damages Party is Great:

It is taken into consideration one of the most an effective compositions because of the amount of damage it put out.With access to Knockdown effects, you and also your team will pressure your opponents to pass their turn, leaving more room for destruction!Magic damages can it is in resisted, and also Physical damages cannot it is in resisted, an interpretation direct hits!You and your party will have a many of an important Chance allowing you to deal crucial Damage.

Physical damages Party Details:

Eternal Warrior: as an Eternal Warrior, you will certainly be on the former lines dealing crucial and Knockdown Damage. You space going come be acquisition the hits, and also eating far at her enemy’s physical Armor!Ranger Summoner: Hanging earlier and make the Eternal Warrior’s job much easier will be your major focus. Girlfriend will usage your Summon to attack further-out adversaries and help your Warrior piece away the Physical damages of her foes!Blood Mage: as a Blood Mage, girlfriend will cast Necromancer skills at a variety to add to the physical damages output. With accessibility to skills such together Blood Storm and also Grasp of the Starved, you will certainly do an exceptional amount of physical Damage. As a ranged mage, you can also include on healing an abilities to support your party!Duelist: Daggers will be your main weapon in this Party Composition. Girlfriend will strike enemies indigenous behind through Scoundrel an abilities and deal major an important Damage with Warfare an abilities as you will be close come your opponents helping out your Eternal Warrior.


2. Hydromania


Are you all set to drown her enemies?

This Team Composition will do lots of physics Damage and also Water Damage. Girlfriend will be able to freeze enemies, hit from a range, and also get healed. While setup effects such together Chilled and also Frozen on her targets will make them more susceptible to her water attacks! Prepare come drown and freeze her enemies!

Why Hydromania is Great:

If friend love come drown her enemies, climate this is the Party ingredient to you! Water is a an excellent Synergy come Water due to the fact that you can collection chilled and chip off Magic Armor!Although this is a Composition focused on Water Damage, it also does a the majority of Physical Damage, so friend will have actually the ideal of both worlds!

Hydromania Details:

Frost Paladin: With loads of water damage at your fingertips, you will have the ability to freeze your adversaries where castle stand and then combat them through physical damage! In this team composition, friend are set in the front, taking the hits, and chipping far at physics Armor. Your job is to keep enemies away native the rest of your team!Magick Archer: never ever underestimate an archer! In this Composition, you will be able to stay in ~ a distance and pick off opponents with weak physics armor using Knockdown Arrows! You will be helping her team skip one enemy’s revolve and likewise rid of your physical armor! The ultimate combination!Tidalist: as the rest of your party is surrounding the enemy in freeze cold water, friend will also be adding to the water damage. Chipping far at Magic Armor and freezing your enemy is your task. Nothing forget to remain at a distance!Crystalline Cleric: using water and physical skills, this construct is really tanky and does massive damages to enemies. You will be taking the hit for your party members while drowning your foes in water! Your task is to set buffs, heal and chip away at Magic Armor.


1. Magic damage Party


Water, Earth, Fire, Air. As a Magic Party, girlfriend will rule the battlefield through all species of Elements!

With the facets at your hand, friend will be able to cast lock at your enemies! mix fire through poison, water through lighting, and cursing the facets for a different outcome can really readjust the food of the battle! together a Magic Party, girlfriend will also leave many effects on your opponents that will certainly chip far at their Magic Armor!

Why Magic damages Party is Great:

Mixing an abilities for the finest outcome, or having actually a an excellent Synergy, deserve to leave your team extremely powerful when supplied correctly!Magic an abilities will give you accessibility to few of the best and most powerful Source an abilities in the entire game!If you space decent in ~ Magic damage output, you and your party will grasp crowd control and also end your foes!Most strikes are cast, thrown, and also hurled in ~ your enemies which means that lock will have a very great range, enabling for girlfriend to cave back.

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Magic damages Party Details:

StormChaser: ever before want to it is in an Aerotheurge Tank? Well, this Party is a step in the best direction. Jump in the center of her enemies and also use your Aerotheurge an abilities to shock the lights out of them! as a StormChaser, girlfriend will utilize Aerotheurge skills to shock your enemies and also be on the prior lines as significant Crowd DPS!Tidalist: through this Composition, girlfriend will be able to make it rain, literally! You will output Water damage, do it tough for your opponents to continue to be dry! Surround the battlefield in knee-high water from a distance and also deal massive crucial Damage. Through the StormChaser on your team, you will have the ability to keep your opponents stunned and frozen. What perfect Synergy!Elementalist: as your StormChaser is doing all of the close damage work, it is as much as you to hang ago and cast facets from a high advantage point. You will be using 3 or much more magic species along with skills that help you escape from tight situations. Girlfriend will basically be the Jack-Of-All-Trades, so choose the best facets for your team, hang back, and also do part damage!Druid: together a Druid, you will certainly be the summoner the this Party Composition. You will cast your Incarnate and also buff him, making the extremely powerful to take under your enemies. Along with your Incarnate, friend will likewise be buffing your teammates. As you perform all this, you additionally have the task of hanging earlier and healing yourself together with your Party.

Most of this builds are influenced by Fextralife’s Team composition Video, for this reason if girlfriend would like to check him out, walk here! Please execute not hesitation to do your very own awesome build! there are method too many possibilities the end there that deserve to be her own! Divinity initial Sin II definitive Edition enables you to choose who you desire to be!