THERE ARE countless WAYS OF getting to the san Diego Symphony’s concerts at The RADY shell at JACOBS PARK! NO issue WHICH way YOU CHOOSE, leave A tiny EXTRA TIME TO make YOUR trip IS constantly RECOMMENDED.

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The address of The Rady covering at Jacobs Park is222 Marina Park Way, mountain Diego 92101.



Leave your vehicle at home! take the city Transit System eco-friendly Line trolley come the Convention center stop. Cross Harbor Drive and look for the footpath found in between the Convention Center and the Marriot Hotel. From there it’s simply a short walk to The Rady covering at Jacobs Park entrance. Together you walk SW under the walkway and also emerge on the various other side, The covering is in the direction of your left simply down the Embarcadero footpath. (The Special event Line likewise stops at the Convention facility stop on Game and also Special event Days such as Comic-Con weekend.)For those travel from the North next of the city and county, take the quick 215 and also then move at Santa Fe terminal to the green Line Trolley. Every MTS bus and also trolley routes can be discovered at

(Please note: eco-friendly Line organization past the SDSU stop is not obtainable beyond the 10:06pm 12th & imperial departure. Most Rady covering at Jacobs Park concerts finish by 9:30pm, but film concert will periodically run much longer than this.)


Note: pre-paid parking will currently be assisted in by Ace Parking. Follow this attach to a complete Ace Parking calendar of pre-paid parking reservations dedicated to concert events at The Rady shell at Jacobs Park.

If you space driving to the concert site, climate follow this directions:

From North – take I-5 south, leave Front Street, drive south to harbor Drive, rotate left, continue to Park Blvd. (just past Convention Center), turn right, parking on your left.

On occasions the heightened Downtown activity (such together Padres games or Comic-Con), us recommend staying clear of Downtown web traffic by proceeding more down I-5 to the Cesar Chavez Parkway exit. take a ideal on Cesar Chavez, proceeding SW come Harbor Drive. Turn right, continue to Park Blvd. (just prior to the Convention Center), turn left, parking on her left. Patrons coming under Hwy 163 need to take the I-5 southern exit before downtown, then when on the 5, take it the Chavez departure as noted above.

Patrons coming under I-15 should departure to Hwy 163 south and also proceed as above.

From South – take it I-5 north, take it the Cesar Chavez Parkway exit, turn left, journey SW to Harbor Drive, rotate right, continue to Park Blvd. (just before the Convention Center), rotate left, parking on her left.

From East – take King/Hwy. 94 west toward downtown. Before coming right into downtown, leave to Hwy. 15 south, and then shortly exit to I-5 north. Take the Cesar Chavez Parkway exit, rotate left, drive SW come Harbor Drive, turn right, proceed to Park Blvd. (just prior to the Convention Center), rotate left, parking on your left.

(Please note: except for buses, left transforms will be disallowed top top Harbor drive after the concert, please setup accordingly) 


(Thumb or click map come enlarge.)PARKING framework SHUTTLE

Before and after every concert, there will be shuttle transport running patrons to and from the Hilton Bayfront Parking Structure at Harbor & Park Blvd. Concert site dropoff and also pickup because that these buses is at the exact same point: the NW leaf of the web traffic circle surrounding to The Rady covering at Jacobs Park"s patron entrance. These spaceship runs start 30 minutes prior to our entrances open for any kind of concert event and also proceed up to concert time. Spaceship runs back to the structure start just after ~ the concert concludes. 


The Waterfront Summer shuttle Service is provided by the harbor of san Diego and also managed through Ace Parking to attach visitors of san Diego Bay v the waterfront and its businesses and also attractions, consisting of concerts in ~ The Rady shell at Jacobs Park. The spaceship runs ~ above a loop (approximately every 20 minutes) indigenous the Sheraton san Diego Hotel & Marina on port Island to Harbor drive Bridge, just south the the san Diego Convention Center, with numerous stops in in between along the Embarcadero. Riders can hop on and also off the shuttle all day lengthy for an unlimited number of rides per day, v one $3 ticket. The shuttle runs daily from 10 a.m. Come 10 p.m. During the summer season (May 31, 2021 v September 6, 2021). The July 4th Shuttle will run from 10 a.m. V Midnight. Cost is simply $3 per person for an all day pass! CLICK HERE for the shuttle map. 


Coronado residents and also vacationers: The Convention facility (Fifth Avenue) Landing that the Coronado Ferry can carry you come The Rady shell at Jacobs Park! On covering concert evenings you can take the Coronado Ferry native the Coronado Ferry Landing come the Convention center landing (WEST Gate), just steps far from Jacobs Park. There are 5:10pm and also 6:10pm departures native the Coronado Ferry destined because that the Convention facility side, and also on Friday and also Saturday nights, over there is a 10:25pm and (just added!) a 10:55pm exit from the Fifth Avenue Landing earlier to Coronado. (Note: this return expedition is no currently easily accessible on Sunday v Thursday nights.) The Fifth way Landing West door is located on the Embarcadero south peninsula, right beside Joe"s Crab Shack, surrounding to The Rady shell concert site. Watch for an ext details.

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The Rady shell at Jacobs Park concert site deserve to be accessed by the Embarcadero Footpath which, moving SE through the water, operation by the Manchester Hyatt, Seaport Village, the Marriott Marina, and also a new section down to the Hilton Bayfront hotel. The concert website is simply behind the Convention facility by the Bay, top top the Embarcadero Marina Park south peninsula. 


Water taxis from Coronado (Hotel Del Coronado, Ferry Landing Marketplace), harbor Island, shelter Island, the Broadway Pier and also other locations have the right to moor at the Convention center Landing. Call the water taxi in ~ 619.235.8294 for much more details and rates.


Note: Taxis or hired transport (i.e. Uber, Lyft, etc.) have to only autumn off/pick up nearby to the Bayfront Hilton parking structure, which is serviced by a cost-free shuttle into and out that the concert site. The address of The Rady shell at Jacobs Park is 222 Marina Park Way, 92101.