Digimon Tamers: fight Spirit Ver. 1.5

Also well-known as: Digimon: battle Spirit Ver. 1.5 (English)Developer: DimpsPublisher: BandaiPlatform: WonderSwan ColorReleased in JP: April 27, 2002

This game has surprise development-related text.

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This video game has unused graphics.
This video game has unused text.
This game has debugging material.

Digimon Tamers: fight Spirit Ver. 1.5 is an intensified revision that Digimon Tamers: fight Spirit, i m sorry added much more characters and stages, among other things.

Unused English Mode

Download fight Spirit Ver. 1.5 (English hack)

To do:Patch can still it is in incomplete, i.e. Absent some that the dummied-out language check in the code.

The original video game featured a finish English-language localization, set off by the game accessing certain I/O it is registered of the hardware, which to be presumably meant for other asian markets where the mechanism was released. Ver. 1.5 still has a complete English localization, but it has actually been calculation inaccessible together the checks for the aforementioned registers have actually been dummied out. As with the original game, the option to attach to D-Ark digivices is not easily accessible when to run the game in English.

This patch for the Japanese variation will do the game constantly use the English language mode, by editing and enhancing the remnants of said register checks.



This demands some investigation.Discuss ideas and also findings ~ above the talk page.Specifically: deserve to the debug food selection still be accessed somehow, or room these strings all the remain?

Beginning at 0x488420 are a series of strings arguing a debug menu. Around fifty percent of these likewise appeared in the original game, when Ver. 1.5 adds part minigame-related options.


Dimps Version

At 0x785E2A is the adhering to string, which can additionally be discovered in the initial game.

DIMPS Ver0.72

Debugging Context

A main event call/jump table exists at 4FA3:009C (0x74FACC) and called at 4FA3:02AD, 4FA3:02B7, and also 4FA3:03D9. The table is grouped by triplet pointers, which correspond to the 3 calls.

Set a breakpoint in ~ 4FA3:0299 and also modify the components of DS:004E (1000:004E) using a worth from 0x01 come 0x19.

Mini video game Menus

Mini game 1


Not referenced however the features exist in ~ 8780:0000, 8780:0072, and also 8780:0094.

Pressing A returns to the start Screen.


Located in the event table at 4FA3:01C8 (set 1000:004E to 0x19) through the functions existing in ~ 878F:0000, 878F:0072, 878F:0094.

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Pressing A return to the start Screen.

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