Star Wars: Stormtroopers describe The True horror of Ewoks Ewoks are not as cute and cuddly as countless fans could think. A retirement Stormtrooper recounts his terrifying endure on Endor in this Star wars comic.

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As watched in Star Wars: Return top top the Jedi, Ewoks room the indigenous tribal varieties of natives that live top top the forest moon of Endor. While they may look as cute and cuddly as teddy bears, they are a formidable race, making use of a variety of weapons and traps (no matter exactly how crude or primitive) to good effect while assisting the Rebel Alliance during the battle of Endor. However, to hear a retirement ex-Stormtrooper tell it in Star battles Tales #14, the Ewoks were much more than simply formidable... They were frightening, deceptively horrific, and also terrifying creatures.

The Ewok tribes listed support come the Rebel Alliance as they sought to infiltrate the imperial base ~ above Endor that housed a huge shield generator protecting the Empire\"s 2nd Death Star. Making use of slingshots, spears, and also swinging logs, the Rebel Alliance and Ewoks winner the day, taking under the generator and enabling Rebel forces above the ruin the 2nd Death Star. Combined with the deaths of Darth Vader and the Emperor, and also the Rebellion had a decisive success on their hands that caused the eventual finish of the Galactic civil War. There is no the Ewok\"s help, it might have never happened. However, the Ewoks reportedly did much an ext than was watched on the screen. Much, much, more.

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The story of the Ewok\"s volume for terror and also fear is entitled Apocalypse Endor, written through Christian review with art by Clayton Henry, uncovered in the fourteenth issue of Dark Horse\"s Star wars Tales anthology series. In the issue, the battle is over and also an ex-imperial stormtrooper is reminiscing in ~ a bar about his glory days in service to the Empire. Eventually, other patrons ask how it was the the empire got its target kicked by a bunch of cute and also cuddly Ewoks v pointy sticks and also a happy song. Angered and also somewhat shaken through the memories of the story he\"s around to share, the ex-trooper counters the there to be plenty the wasn\"t presented on the holo-vids.

Apocalypse Endor reveals that the ex-trooper was component of the early stage Imperial force that was sent to the woodland moon. All they knew at the moment was that there was a tribal, arboreal culture living top top the surface, however they paid little attention. Who can stand versus the Empire, let alone seemingly feeble and indigenous tribes? Upon first contact, the curious Ewoks approached the royal squads v a small apprehension, offering flowers. However, unknowing the function of the blasters in the trooper\"s hands, they put the flower in the barrels, resulting in the troopers to think it was an attempt at sabotage, and they opened up fire top top the Ewoks. It was a terrible mistake that would certainly haunt the Imperials until the work of the Rebellion\"s victory.

The Ewoks search vengeance after ~ that an initial meeting, picking off the troopers one through one indigenous the tree above, pulling lock up with ropes by your necks, separating them native their other troopers, only to leave their remains behind for the squads to uncover later. Every throughout their hunt and every night, lock would additionally consistently beat foreboding north in the dark, setting all the the troopers ~ above edge, control them to madness. Some troopers simply couldn\"t handle the continuous fear and noise, break completely. It\"s specifically what the people wanted.

even when Darth Vader self arrived with extr forces, the Ewoks never let increase their project of terror ~ above the stormtroopers and also was only promoted the come of the Rebel troops in Return that the Jedi. The Ewoks came to be such a resource of terror come the troopers, that plenty of of them, including the narrator, saw it together a relief when they were at some point arrested by the Rebellion and taken away from the moon that was filled with the furry nightmares.

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As the ex-trooper narrating finishes his story, he says that while he never gained a great night\"s sleep top top Endor, the does take it comfort in the reality the Ewoks were ruined as a result of the 2nd Death Star\"s destruction, v 30 exchange rate tonnes of metal and wreckage fall on the moon\"s surface and killing lock all. However, one more patron in ~ the bar corrects him, saying the majority of the debris melted up in the atmosphere and that the Rebellion took treatment of the rest, maintaining the Ewoks safe, bringing disappointed to the ex-trooper\"s ears. Therefore the following time a Star Wars pan watches Return that the Jedi, and wishes the Ewoks to be real, that\"s fine and dandy. Simply remember that there is something underneath all that cute and also fuzziness if you ever before got ~ above its bad side. It is in afraid. Be an extremely afraid.