I was constantly partial to the horses. As soon as I was a child I had all these toy horses and each had actually a name. Come this day, ns can’t stand it if part idiot movie manager decides it’s necessary to “hurt” an animal to attain some dramatic effect. “Turner and also Hooch” and “Dances through Wolves” come easily to mind. You have the right to kill off every the poor guys. Girlfriend can even kill off several of the good guys. Simply stay far from all four legged creatures!

What came as a total surprise is how numerous of you felt the exact same way. Around the horses, anyway. Number of kind souls contributed horse surname which have been included over time come the coming before TV western Page. Yet no one can compare to Loren Knapp.

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And thanks to all of you have added to this list over the years.

GIDDEY-YAP, YIPPEE! and all of that!
AlamoJohn SmithSlim Sherman in Laramie (Horse had actually been man Wayne’s)
Altair(Also Rigel,Antares and Aldebaran)Ben Hur
AmigoPeter BrownChad Cooper (Laredo)
ApacheBob Baker
ApacheKit Carson
ArgoXena, Princess Warrior
BarancaJames StacyJohnny Madrid (Lancer)(Thanks again Deanne Bertram)
BearPriscilla Presley
Beauty (Also Sport)Pernell RobertsAdam Cartwright (Bonanza)
BingoDon DurantJohnny Ringo
Black DiamondLash LaRue
Black JackRocky Lane
Blaze KingLori MartinNational Velvet (TV)
BlueboyJohnny CrawfordMark McCain (The Rifleman)
BrandyClint WalkerCheyenne (thanks to Patricia Lippold because that this)
Brown BettyPaul Revere
BucephalusAlexander the Great
BuckJames ArnessMarshall Dillon (Gunsmoke)(Same steed as below! )Real name: Dunny Waggoner
BuckLorne GreeneBen Cartwright (Bonanza)(Same as above. Greene bought the horse at end of series!)
BuckDoug McClureTrampas in The Virginian (thank girlfriend Teresa Powers)
BuckshotGiuy MadisonWild bill Hickok
BulletCharles Starrett together Durango KidDurango child (thanks to Albert Skinner)
ButtermilkDale Evans
CactusNeville BrandReese Bennett (Laredo)
CactusSunset Carson
ChampionGene Autry
ChargerLee MajorsHeath (Big Valley)(Courtesy the Deanne Bertram)
Chub (Also Ginger and Piute)Dan BlockerHoss Cartwright (Bonanza)
CincinnatiUlysses S. Grant
Cochise (Also Paint)Michael LandonLittle Joe Cartwright (Bonanza)
CochiseJohn WayneCole Thornton(El Dorado) (thanks come Anita Flibble)
CocoPeter BreckNick Barkley (Big Valley)(Courtesy of Deanne Bertram)
ComancheCapt. Mile W. KeoghThis horse Was the just Survivor that the Little big Horn
Comet (Real surname Copper)Bruce CampbellBrisco ar Jr.
CopenhagenThe duke of Wellington
DandyGen. George Armstrong Custernot ridden at Little big Horn
DiabloDuncan RenaldoThe Cisco Kid
DiceRichard Dix
Dick NaylorWyatt EarpThe real guy – as soon as he was in Tombstone
Docs Keepin’ TimeBlack beauty, beauty movie
DoitEl Cid
DominoRory CalhounThe Texan (thanks to Linda for this one!)
DominoCharlton Heston
Duke (Also Handsome Boy and also Dollar)John Wayne
EddieGabby Hayes
El LoanerJames GarnerBret Maverick (Maverick)
FalconBuster Crabbe
FargoDale RobertsonJim Hardie (Tales of Wells Fargo)
GamblerRobert FullerCooper blacksmith (Wagon Train)
GingerBob SteeleA million movies!
GoldieHoot Gibson
HeroThe Phantom
Highland DaleBobby DiamondJoey Newton top top Fury
Hightower(stunt)Julia Roberts – Runaway Bride
HootRobert FullerHis own steed – that’s the real name
JingoRichard LongJarrod Barkley (Big Valley)(Courtesy the Deanne Bertram)
Joe DJames DruryThe Virginian (thanks to Teresa Powers because that this one!)
Johnny (John Dancer)Julia RobertsConspiracy concept (thanks to Athena Nasmyth for this one!)
JokerAndy DevineWild invoice Hickok
JokerJan MerlinLt. Cullen Kirby in stormy Riders
JousterClint EastwoodRowdy Yates (Rawhide)
JubileeDale RobertsonJim Hardie in tales of Wells Fargo
KnightRod Cameron
KokoRex Allen
Leo Jr. (Also Hannibal)Dale RobertsonJim Hardie (Wells Fargo)
LightningTim Holt
Little BuckRobert HortonFlint McCullough (Wagon Train) (Early seasons)Man dubbed Shenandoah
Little SorrelThomas Stonewall Jackson
LocoLeo CarrilloPancho (The Cisco boy )
LuckyDickie JonesDick West (Range Rider)
MakadooHenry DarrowManolito Montoya on High Chaparral
ManitouTeddy Roosevelt
MarengoNapoleon Bonaparte
MesquiteAllen Rocky Lane
MidnightEric FlemingGil donate (Rawhide)CLICK right here for a heartwarming story of Midnight’s rescue and life after ~ Rawhide
Mr. EdAlan YoungWilbur article (Mister Ed) (Allan lane was the voice)Bamboo Harvester was the horse’s registered name
NelsonGeorge Washington
Old WhiteyWilliam Henry Harrison
Old CharlieBuffalo invoice (William F. Cody)The white steed ridden in every the Wild West shows was Isham. – Charlie to be his hunting equine who was buried in the Atlantic on the means back from Europe.

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Old WhipSanta Anna
OutlawJoel McCrea
PapooseRobert BlakeLittle Beaver on “Red Ryder’ (courtesy of terry Arenz)
PeteGary CooperCole Hardin (“Westerner) (courtesy the Anita Flibble)
PhantomGuy WilliamsZorro (Tornado is the much better known)
PieElizabeth TaylorNational Velvet (Movie)
PieJimmy StewartThe Far nation and more (read this story)(tons of thanks to Linda Gilliland)
Pilgrim(stunt)Horse Whisperer movie
PennyWill HutchinsSugarfoot
RaiderCharles Starrett together Bill LowryThe Durango kid (thank friend Albert Skinner)
RafterRichard BoonePalladin (Have Gun will certainly Travel)
RawhideJock MahoneyRange Rider
RazorChuck ConnorsLucas McCain (Rifleman)
RebelJohnny Mack Brown
RebelCameron MitchellBuck Cannon top top High Chaparral
RexMonte Montana
Rex (also Blackie)Richard SimmonsSgt. Call of the Yukon (the dog to be King!)
RienziGen. Philip Sheridan
Rimrock(stunt)Horse Whisperer movie
Ring EyeSmiley BurnettSunset Carson movies
RingoSteve McQueenJosh Randall (Wanted: Dead or Alive)
Rising SunElvis Presley
RosinanteDon Quixote de la Mancha
RushLash Larue
Ruth (maybe Rufus?)Ken CurtisFestus (Gunsmoke) A Mule!
RustyBob Steele
SailorTim ConsidineSpin Evans (Spin & Marty )
ScarJohn PayneVint Bonner (Restless Gun) Horse’s actual name: john Henry
Scout (Also White Feller and also Paint)Jay SilverheelsTonto (The Lone Ranger)
Siete Leguas (Seven Leagues)Pancho Villa
SilverClayton MooreThe Lone Ranger – Originally referred to as “Dusty” till Silver Cup Bread take it over as sponsor.
SkyrocketDavid StolleryMarty Markham (Spin & Marty )
SmokeyLee MarvinIn Cat Balou
SoapyMark SladeBlue Cannon top top High Chaparral
SophieHarry MorganCol. Sherman Potter (M*A*S*H)
SportPernell RobertsAdam Cartwright (Bonanza)
Spumador LarmiKing Arthur
StardustGene BarryBat Masterson
StarlightTim McCoy
Stormy NightRobert HortonFlint McCullough (Wagon Train) (later seasons)
SunsetJimmy Wakely
TargetGail DavisAnnie Oakley
TarzanKen Maynard
TeddyWill RogersTeddy in Vaudeville & Comanche for Riding Engagments
TexasBill BoydSinger
ThunderJim Bannon, Allen Lane, invoice ElliotRed Ryder shown by three different actors, name readjusted to black Jack (courtesy of terrycloth Arenz)
TonyTom Mixa/k/a “The Wonder Horse” many movies (thanks to terrycloth Arenz)
TopperWilliam BoydHopalong Cassidy
TornadoGuy WilliamsZorro
TravelerRobert E. Lee
TravelerRobert FullerJess Harper (Laramie) called after Robert E. Lee’s
TriggerRoy RogersTrigger’s Registered surname -Golden Cloud
TruxtonAndrew Jackson
VicGeorge Armstrong CusterSlain in ~ Little large Horn together with Custer
VictorDan Reid
White FlashFred Scott
White FlashTex Ritter
Widow MakerPecos Bill
WinchesterGen.Philip Sheridan