Our last preview the Destiny’s climb of Iron expansion looked at the tools that you will do it be utilizing to take down the enemies of the City. If weapons space a necessity, she going to need much more to have the ability to survive. This time, us take a look at the new Destiny: increase of Iron armor. As soon as you’re wandering The Plaguelands trying to take down the pressures of evil, it help to have actually armor on your earlier that deserve to take the hits. It also doesn’t pains if the looks good to boot.

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In an amazing turn of events Bungie there is no shown any kind of of the new Exotic armor that will be released with the brand-new Rise the Iron content. Instead, they’ve presented some of the full sets the you can acquire for all three classes. Of course, these won’t be the only new Rise that Iron armor pieces that friend can acquire throughout the game. I mean, girlfriend can’t suppose Bungie to show every one of their cards ideal off the bat. That’s honestly fine, as it’ll leaving a lot of the surprise undamaged when we lastly dive into Destiny: climb of Iron once it comes the end this week.

Iron Lord

The steel Lords have actually returned...

This is just one of the initial armor sets the Bungie has shown off. The unknown right now how it’ll be acquired. Most most likely this is a set that a many us will be wearing together it will most likely drop the most commonly playing v the typical game. As discussed in the Rise of Iron tools preview, the Iron lord armor and also weapons space being modeled after ~ Vikings and Arthurian knights. Note the fur accents an unified with the chainmail and metal plates. It mirrors an amazing mix of medieval material with futuristic design.

Wrath of the Machine


These Wrath of the machine armor pieces will only be obtainable in the new raid. Keep in mind the angular patterns and rigid lines. The contrasting black-and-red shade scheme successfully matches up v the color theme the SIVA. If I’m not a certain fan the the look at of the raid set so far, I will be interested to view what perks they come with. The PVE raid gear always comes with certain traits that help with certain mechanics of the raid. Some instances are enhanced damage, quicker agility, or faster reloading under details conditions.

Trials of Osiris

The Trials will test you like no other.

This brand-new armor is the top-tier PVP gear earned through intense combat in the Trials that Osiris. Keeping with the Egyptian theme, each course is modeled ~ a remarkable animal. The Hunter ~ the lithe cat, the Warlock ~ a fierce cobra, and the Titan after ~ an armored scarab. Those also brand-new is the move away native gold and also black styling. The past couple of Osiris sets followed that color scheme, yet the imperial blue influence takes the in a new, more regal direction.

Iron Banner

Prove yourselves worthy, Guardians.

Back v a vengeance is the PVP gear that started it all. Modeled very an in similar way to the iron Lords gear, these sets differentiate themselves with colors the the stole Banner. Gold and also green penetrate the armor pieces, which provide much more of a contrast to the gray and also silver of the stole Lords sets. While the models space the same, the lack of fur and also increased chainmail accents help distinguish it additional from the consistent armor.



As mentioned in the Rise the Iron tools preview, a new function coming to both armor and weapons was Ornamentation. With weapons, that will administer different color or skins and also even some brand-new effects. With the Rise of Iron armor, the a lot an ext visible, and also quite frankly, amazing. The 2 examples listed so much can be viewed in the Trials the Osiris and also Iron Lords gear.

With the Trials gear, so far the accessories we’ve seen provide a translucent orange overlay. You can see in the image above that it accents the royal blue and gives the equipment a massive pop that color. The ornaments offer the stole Lords equipment a much various look. The Darkness fears our thrash metal.

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Through the fire and flames, oh bearer mine…

This was simply the appetizer that the feast come come, Guardians. We deserve to only imagine what’s out there to uncover when Rise the Iron lastly drops. What various other sets or distinct ornaments will certainly we find? will certainly there it is in brand brand-new Exotics or other equipment we haven’t also seen yet? it’s going to it is in a hell that a the majority of fun recognize out. Eyes up, Guardians: great armor will stop the an initial bullet; good armor will stop the every the other ones ~ that.