Destiny 2 will gain another, young rework to its armor mod mechanism with Beyond Light on Nov. 10, Bungie announced Thursday in that is weekly blog post.

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Four alters to Armor 2.0 armor mods are coming this year: energy kind requirements, amplified mod changes, raid mod deprecation, and a brand-new mod slot.

The energy change is more than likely the many boring, for this reason we’ll start with the first. A selection of mods focused on tools (like reload mods and dexterity mods) will certainly no longer require your piece of armor to be of a particular elemental type. This method you’ll be able to put any kind of reload mode for any type of gun form on any kind of piece the armor. This should help players make their own builds without arbitrary restrictions.

But as Bungie noted, enhancing the lot of mods every armor item just means players will have a sea of mods to pick from — also many. Therefore Bungie is removed the magnified version of mods. Numerous mods currently have traditional and amplified versions, such as Hand Cannon Loader and magnified Hand Cannon Loader. Bungie will eliminate the amplified versions, yet will boost the effect of the conventional versions to be equal to the of the enhanced versions. This does median that many weapon mods will be slightly more expensive come use.

As Bungie mentioned, the standard mods weren’t an especially noticeable, so players felt that they either necessary to use 2 of the exact same mod or use the magnified version come really have the ability to tell a difference. With this change, mods have to be simpler, have an instantly noticeable effect, and also take just a single socket come use.

“In essence, we room making intensified mods cheaper and more accessible, and deprecating the lesser mods,” stated Bungie.

Goodnight, sweet prince Image: Bungie via The most controversial decision Bungie announced is that it is removing and limiting part raid mods. These mode — i m sorry come indigenous the critical Wish, Crown that Sorrow, and also Scourge of the past raids — offer bonus results when fighting certain enemy types. Because that example, Taken obstacle gives players a massive damage reduction against Taken enemies, when Fallen Armaments provides players guaranteed heavy ammo when getting a grenade death on please enemies.

These mode are really rare and an overwhelming to farm. But they’re likewise extremely valuable, as they work anywhere in Destiny 2’s world. V Beyond Light, Bungie will remove the Fallen and also Hive mode from Scourge of the Past and also Crown of Sorrow, dong (as both raids will certainly leave the game upon the expansion’s launch); the taken mods will certainly only work-related in the Last wish raid.

While it’s ultimately an excellent for the game, this notice comes about a month far from Beyond Light. Plenty of players — consisting of myself — have actually spent hrs over the past couple of weeks farming for these mode in an initiative to prepare because that the Fallen-centric raid this fall. With this announcement, Bungie revealed that we’ve been wasting our time.

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In better news, every Legendary and also Exotic armor piece are getting a brand-new slot in Beyond Light. Beginning with this expansion, any type of newly reduce armor pieces and all existing Exotics will have actually a one-of-a-kind Combat slot. This brand-new mod slot will certainly take combat-based mods choose Charged with Light and Warmind cell mods. Existing armor piece will acquire a legacy mod slot, enabling players come equip raid mods and also combat mods right into Year 3 armor pieces.

All the these changes are positive enhancements to last year’s Armor 2.0 system. Yet with just a month to go, plenty of players would have benefited from finding out this information earlier in the season, prior to wasting hours grinding because that mods that won’t exist and also armor pieces that won’t have the new Combat mod slot on them. Still, this is Bungie’s first time vaulting content, and also there were bound to be some interaction issues follow me the way.