The department of public Safety and Correctional solutions (DPSCS) is cursed to protecting the health and well gift of ours staff, inmates, and also detainees who live and work in our facilities. DPSCS, in conjunction with department of health (MDH) and also the Emergency Management agency (MEMA), are closely monitoring breakthroughs associated v COVID-19. DPSCS is prepared to handle any kind of potential cases of COVID-19 within the state-operated correctional organizations in

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The department is committed to protecting the health and wellness of inmates and staff. The Department’s management team proceeds to screen the data about the spread of COVID-19across that is system and also within communities. The have to modify operations and also inmate movement might vary and adjust at any given time based on the need and/or severity that the health case as suggested by the COVID-19data and/or references of room of Health.

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EFFECTIVE NOW: DPSCS is accepting lateral transfers from other agencies. All move applicants will certainly be default to obtain the current new hire bonus as well as the local hiring bonus, listed they fulfill the requirements. This will certainly accompany a starting salary that $50,816. Please call Human sources at (443) 379-1319 for much more information or click right here to apply!


MD State prison In-Person access time Reinstated reliable July 19, 2021

With vaccination rates rising and also COVID-19 situations falling, the department of public Safety and Correctional services will soon be maybe to enable external visitors back into its facilities. The DPSCS is to plan a phased-in reopening to travellers while continuing to monitor CDC guidance because that congregate settings. In-person visitation is resuming transparent DPSCS effective Monday, July 19, 2021.

Maintaining and also improving relationships between inmates and their families, friends, and loved ones is one of’s room of windy Safety and Correctional solutions (DPSCS) an essential initiatives. Strengthening this bond uses a support net that can aid inmates not only achieve success after they leave us, but additionally heal your families and social support systems. DPSCS see visitation as a privilege that is vital part of inmate breakthrough and situation management.

Effectively immediately, DPSCS will begin slowly transitioning earlier to in-person inmate visitation, with freshly instated COVID-19 protocols. All visitors space subject to a COVID-19 screening questionnaire, temperature check and also must stay a mask (covering nose and mouth) at every times.

COVID-19 & IN-PERSON society VISITATIONEffective July 19, 2021, DPSCS will start Phase 1 of reinstituting in-person social visitation withinmates, using recently instated COVID-19 protocols and policies.

PHASE 1, IN-PERSON society VISITS – basic ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTSIndividuals should be top top the inmate’s authorized Visitor List;

Individuals have to be 12 years of period or older;Individuals need to be completely vaccinated for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and provide proof that vaccination;Proof of vaccination method the signed CDC inoculation Card you received at the moment ofyour vaccination;Inmates are required to it is in vaccinated prior to receiving an in-person visitation;Inmates who are at this time quarantined or in clinical isolation might not take part inin-person visitation, yet may participate in online Visits.Individuals who are not however vaccinated however wish to visit through a family member, friend, or loved one mayparticipate in online Visits.


An inmate might only obtain two visitors throughout a reserved visit;Visits room by appointment only;Visitors have to wear a operation or towel face mask at every times throughout the visit – No gaiters, scarfs, orbandanas room permitted;Visitors should participate in front entry COVID-19 protocols, to encompass a questionnaire andtemperature screening; andVisitors need to comply through social distancing requirements and also remain 6 feet indigenous the inmate andother tourists not in her group.NOTE: any visitor the does not comply v the compelled procedures shall be refuse entry and their visit willbe forfeited.

PHASE 1, IN-PERSON social VISITS – APPOINTMENTSEach correctional facility will establish a visitation schedule that allows employees, inmates, and also visitorsto keep social distancing requirements.

Visitor registration because that a scheduled visitation work will begin seven (7) days before the visit andwill close 3 (3) prior to the visit.Due to the restricted availability the appointments, visits will certainly be approved on a an initial come, firstscheduled basis.Each visit time framework will be established at the discretion of the appointing authority, no to exceed one (1) hour in length.Visiting areas will it is in cleaned and also disinfected in in between scheduled visits.Visitors getting here at the correctional facility more than 30 minutes previous the booked appointmenttime will be refuse entry for the day.

To schedule one in-person visitation, you re welcome click here.

If you have any type of questions please contact the DPSCS COVID-19 household Hotline in ~ 410.724.5722.

Governor Hogan Announces Salary increases to Attract and Retain Correctional Officers!

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today announced $13 million in salary increases for employees who space charged v the care and also custody of inmates within’s correctional facilities. This adheres to the administration’s notice last week of boosted salaries for brand-new hires right into these crucial positions.

These salary renovations are draft to enhance the state’s capability to complete in one area that has actually seen recruitment obstacles despite numerous innovative initiatives to hire correctional officers.

“This is an important work and the people who preserve the protection of our correctional institutions and oversee the job-related of inmates deserve acknowledgment for performing this an overwhelming job,” stated Governor Hogan. “I to be pleased to have the ability to offer these increases, which space well-deserved.”The state had the ability to reach commitment with the exclude, representative of these employees, the American Federation of State, County and also Municipal Employees in ~ a very short period.

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July 2, 2021 house Bill 222 – efficient June 1, 2021 residence Bill 222 requires the department of public Safety and also Correctional solutions (DPSCS) to provide each individual who is released from a correctional facility through a voter it is registered application and also documentation informing the individual the their voting rights have actually been restored.

Please note: any individual who is no much longer incarcerated has actually the appropriate to vote.