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THIS IS A MANGA ONLY conversation POST. Execute NOT talk about ANYTHING beyond THIS CHAPTER.

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----------------------------------------Holy shit, Akuto you lucky bastard. Safety night time through 3 females at different periods? difficult to think this go on for a year in spite of the 2-day void period.Really no much action in this volume which is reasonably disappointing. Ns think that was much more of a great fulfillment for the fans since it do Akuto have actually his means with lot of girls consisting of the most renowned ones. A little bit disappointing really however whatever. Keena was standing out above them though in the last chapter.

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I think few of the points that happened in the author"s personal life had a big impact on wherein the LN walk in the final two volumes and also not in a good way. I"m every for a little bit of introspective pondering top top the nature the existence and also the meaning of the universe, yet really all i wanted once I started this series was an ending where the mc worked out down v all five cute girls and also did hum hum. Korone, Fujiko, Junko, Keena, and also Yoshie, girlfriend deserved better than this ending....
In my next life I want to collide in ~ the edge with the cute transport student carrying a item of toast in her mouth...rodac
rodac said:I think some of the points that taken place in the author"s personal life had actually a huge impact on whereby the LN go in the last two volumes and not in a good way.
Yeah, he said he was enduring from depression and some other things. The EXGF that died definitely had some serious impact on this series" ending. I median he said that he often wondered if castle hadn"t damaged up would she still be alive? i think the would influence your psychological state. As far as the ending goes, it was original however strange. I typical it sucks for Hiroshi and the fact they don"t really give anything about the remainder in the new universe. I average I yes, really loved the series till the critical arc. Ns think the writer was simply mentally done through the collection and left it rather open.
rodac said:...but yes, really all i wanted once I began this collection was an ending where the mc cleared up down through all five cute girls and also did hum hum. Korone, Fujiko, Junko, Keena, and also Yoshie, you deserved better than this ending....

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I"m glad someone to be thinking choose myself.Anyways, I appreciated the story for the most part. It to be funny and easy to check out until like most have said, the last two volumes when the entirety thing go super serious. To be honest, ns am not even sure what totally happened at the finish with Hiroshi transforming into the regulation of Identity. Such a shame he obtained the quick end the the pole to some degree.
Moesin said:i wont discuss the end cause i dont want to spoil for anybody else yet all i'll speak is i think the sucked


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