Anyone ever had this happen? I'm assuming the was yielded to the wrong deal with as I've searched my mailbox and porch up and also down to no avail. Ns live in a residence, ns don't have any kind of Front workdesk / Reception. What have to I do? ns asked the seller, and also they called me to wait a few days.

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I agree v waiting a work or two. If it was delivered to the wrong deal with especially if it to be a organization there is a good chance castle will placed it ago in the mail and you will get it in a day or two. Girlfriend can additionally contact your post office and see if they can/will aid out.

Thank friend for your reply, ns hope that is the case! The strange component is the they ceded other packages come my resolve today.

I'd begin by going to the write-up office and also having them examine the shipment coordinates.

The seller has actually no way to check, and no responsibility as soon as the items is significant delivered.

Waiting a couple of days is correct because that reasons already mentioned. Signature check is irrelevant. Understand that if you document an Item not Received case with eBay, it will certainly be decided in the case of the seller, together the tracking information indicates a distribution in her zip code. You room still spanned by eBay's money back guarantee though. Therefore if it does not display up in a couple of days and you get tired of waiting, call up eBay and also explain the situation and they will certainly be much more than happy come refund friend the full amount the end of their own pocket.

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i obtain residential packages ceded with that same blog post all the time too. I think lock just have a perform of alternatives to pick from and also just click whichever. However if you did not acquire it, examine with your mailman and also then the PO if need be. Make certain it was yielded to your deal with and not simply your zipcode.

Update: I acquired in contact with the USPS article master, they did indeed supply the package come the dorn address. They to be able to obtain the delivery collaborates when to reduce off, and went ahead to recover the item. They referred to as me and also told me it would be there the next day because that delivery. Many thanks for the comments and also help!


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