We know that Death in Paradise loves to develop some murder mysteries the end of some bizarre situations. We’re absolutely going to watch that moving into season 9 episode 3 ~ above BBC One following week.

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So what kind of situation are we looking at this time around? Think in regards to a cycling race with a shocking conclusion — there’s a murder midway through and also we don’t think we need to say what the issue here is. Exactly how in the human being do you killing someone in the center of a race, there is no anyone rather seeing? Making that seem choose an accident is one method to perform it, but we think we’ve learned indigenous the past almost-decade the cover-ups are at some point uncovered. We envision the there room a variety of surprises the we’re walking to see unraveled together the hour goes along.

Below, trident-gaming.net has actually the full Death in Paradise season 9 illustration 3 synopsis with some an ext information ~ above what lies ahead:

D.I. Jack Mooney (Ardal O’Hanlon) and the team journey onto one more murder an enig when the tourism des Antilles to ride bicycle race pertains to Saint Marie. The sporting activities event quickly turns sinister once Xavier Prince (Ashley Byam), Team Storm’s finest cyclist, is uncovered dead halfway v the race.

Whilst proof initially points to Xavier having actually crashed on one of the many dangerous part of the course, Jack is troubled by a item of fabric torn indigenous a Team Storm shirt. However, with all of the other teammates’ shirt in perfect condition, including Xavier’s, suspicion falls upon the remainder of the to ride bicycle squad.

As the examination goes deeper, we discover out more about the underlying team dynamics in ~ play and discover the there is conflict between the riders – as one of them holds on come a sensitive secret.

Meanwhile, JP (Tobi Bakare) re-evaluates police protocol once a opportunity encounter pipeline him conflicted, and Ruby (Shyko Amos) and Madeleine (Aude Legastelois-Bidé) take it time to unwind, as a victory for the Saint Marie team calls for celebrations ~ above the island.

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Of course, Death in Paradise wouldn’t it is in the present that it is without a few personal moments because that the team, and we could be seeing the by the end of the episode. Sure, make every one of the jokes that you want that half of the Saint-Marie population has been murdered, but there’s tho something around the setting and the police household that always brings a laugh to our face.