Get your hands on this Dead or lively 5 last Round mode to add Final Fantasy and also Tekken personalities to Dead or alive 5!

By Yamna

Dead or alive 5 critical Round adds new features, costumes, and also customization choices to the Dead or alive 5 can be fried version. The update likewise adds two all new characters and two stages for consoles, making football player love this version more than the latest Dead or alive 6. 

But imagine if you can make it much more fun through adding new characters from different games, making it an epic crossover. Sound cool, right? fine congratulations! your prayers have been answered. In this article, we will share several of the ideal Dead or lively 5 critical Round mods to do things an ext fun for you. So without more ado, let’s take it a look in ~ them, shall we?

1. Tifa Lockhart

Credits: GameClub

As you have the right to guess from its name, this mod adds civilization famous Tifa Lockhart from final Fantasy VII to Dead or alive 5 last Round. The mod includes Tifa Lockhart outfit, face and also hair because that Li Naotora and also Kokoro in Dead or Alive. Therefore if you’re a pan of Tifa, obtain this mode for an epic crossover!

Download Tifa Lockhart mode for Dead or lively 5 critical Rou

2. Cloud Strife

Credits: world Mods

The Cloud Strife mod for Dead or lively 5 critical Round adds the well known character Cloud Strife from final Fantasy VII to Dead or Alive. You can lug the key character indigenous this epic game to Dead or Alive and also even add Tifa Lockhart because that an ultimate partnership! This mod adds a Cloud Strife outfit, face and also hair for Eliot in Dead or Alive. The goggles in this mod are toggleable through the glass option.

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Download Cloud Strife mode for Dead or alive 5 last Round

3. Zell Dincht

Credits: Robo an are Kitty

Bringing you another awesome personality from last Fantasy VII, this mode adds a Zell Dincht cosplay to replace Jacky Bryant in Dead or Alive, who makes a guest illustration in the game. So lug the loud and also energetic personality the Zell into Dead or lively by installation this mode for Dead or alive 5 critical Round!

Download Zell Dincht mode for Dead or lively 5 last Round

4. Selphie Tilmitt

Credits: Robo room Kitty

Selphie Tilmitt from last Fantasy VII is a favorite character because that many. Therefore this mod adds Selphie Tilmitt come Dead or alive 5 by adding her cosplay by Hitomi native Dead or Alive. The cosplay has her costume, hair and face. Therefore if you are a fan of Slephie, acquire this mod now to reap the ideal of 2 worlds.

Download Selphie Tilmitt mod for Dead or alive 5 last Round

5. Jin Kazama

Credits: Arfan Games

Okay! sufficient of final Fantasy. Stop talk around a Tekken character. Yup, we are talking around none various other than Jin Kazama! This mod adds both the classic and devil outfits that Jin Kazama to Dead or lively 5 last Round for Ryu Hayabusa.

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For this reason if you space a Tekken fan, this outfit because that Jin is a must-have for you!

Download Jin Kazama mod for Dead or lively Last ring 5

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Wrapping Up

So that’s all, folks! this are some of the most well-known Dead or lively 5 last Round mods. Make the most of doa5lr by downloading these costumes native other games for an epos crossover.