The title pages that the essay contain block of phrases the DFW thinks are "clunky" or worse. Ns don't have a solid grasp of the finer clues of grammar and also so I'm not certain what's wrong with numerous of the phrases. Go anyone understand of an online resource that goes with each item and identifies the problem with each? Thanks!


I think DFW mentions a few of castle in "Authority and American Usage" (I haven't read it in like 10 years). The essay (and the various other interview I'm around to mention) influenced me come buy Garner's consumption dictionary, which ns absolutely love and would recommend if you have an interest in language, grammar, or general usage! It yes, really isn't together boring as it sounds; part entries have interesting intake notes about how the usage has changed, i m sorry I uncover interesting.

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In DFW's posthumous release Both Flesh and also Not, there is a short work title "Twenty-Four word Notes" that offers his thoughts concerning some of those words and also phrases. I'm linking screencaps of 3 entries that are listed on the "Authority and also American Usage" title page.

Entry because that 'that.'Entry for 'utilize,' adhered to by entry for 'if' (on exact same page).

This release has a vocabulary list in between essays. The introduction reads:

Readers familiar with David Foster Wallace's work understand that he own an insatiable love for words and their meanings. Top top his computer, that constantly updated a list of words that he wanted to learn, culling from plenty of sources and writing quick definitions and usage notes. A an option from this vocabulary list appears before every essay of Both Flesh and also Not.

It was among the good thrills the Wallace's life to be invited to offer on the intake Panel of The American legacy Dictionary. The definitions in his vocabulary perform reprinted here are quoted or character from that great reference work.

Here is a screencap of one of those vocab lists.

DFW also talks around this in Quack This Way, which i think is simply a released conversation v Bryan Garner, who wrote the intake dictionary that is the emphasis of "Authority and also American Usage."

Here is a screencap the a passage talking around 'Save as much as 50% and also more!"

If you have actually any specific questions, you can ask me, although i can't insurance I'll have the ability to explain what he was thinking. Ns think many civilization would take into consideration some the his positions as gatekeeping or something like that. For example, the writes in the 'that' entry:

As of 2003, misusing 'that' because that 'who' or 'whom,' whether in composing or speech, attributes as a kind of class-marker--it's the grammatical tantamount of put on NASCAR paraphernalia or liking pro wrestling.

These are particular prescriptive grammar rules, but many human being consider them pretty arbitrary. One reason for the is since language and the intake of details words and phrases change over time based upon how civilization actually usage them, so it is kind of stunner to say that they space wrong as soon as we totally understand what castle mean. Numerous people, myself included, think the reality that they were able to communicate without accommodation demonstrates their competency in a language. However, relying on where you are and also whom you are speaking with, there could be real aftermath for not reflecting competency in the "official" rules of "good English" or whatever.

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I'm not saying Wallace must be disregarded; I just wanted to throw that last little bit out there because some civilization have had actually it drilled into their heads their whole lives the they are speaking wrong, and Wallace pushes the agenda along here. Few of his takes space elegant, historical, and very interesting.

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edit 2: if friend don't want to purchase Both Flesh and Not, this website has short explanations of few of the words. The explanations space only quick snippets the the original text, so over there is quiet a most value in buying the book. Likewise the other essays room great, together always!