In this Dateline classic, Teresa Mayfield’s fatality on a dirt roadway was a an enig for much more than a year until a strange sequence of occasions led investigators to an i can not qualify suspect. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC ~ above January 8, 2012


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She to be my really best friend. I contact my mom and also she didn"t answer, ns pretty lot knew in mine heart that something was wrong. A mom vanished.


ns cried myself come sleep. That was just awful realizing that your worst nightmare had come true. A household anguished. She"s gone. Do you have any type of idea how tough that was?


currently the questions begin in a southerly Gothic mystery. The instance is puzzling. Us didn"t really know what had actually happened. Who would ever imagine you have actually a mite in your family?


quickly there would be secrets. Us were taking care of a human being that to be leading a double life and one that them would certainly prove deadly. Have actually you ever said, I know that girlfriend did this? It damages too lot for me come say it the end loud. Keith Morrison with secrets in a tiny Town. Intend for a minute you to be sitting in your auto smack dab in the center of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and you pointed southern west ~ above Highway 69 and kept a spicy eye the end after fifty percent an hour or so.


the roll right into a sweet tiny place dubbed Moundsville, one stoplight, one key street, one basic store going approximately for a long time has Moundsville. However it"s a sad truth, together the sheriff says, also here whereby everybody used to know everybody.


So many different human being are relocating in from approximately the world and trying to escape. The crowds will certainly escape the crowd or to run from something. Yes, and also where have you gone, Andy Griffith, Mayberry apparently is up and left united state Sheriff Canalis fights real crime nowadays.


The crimes the you watch in below county is the exact same crime you watch in any type of lower city, just a smaller version.


Still, Mountville is Moundsville and also neighbors do tend to know an ext of every other"s business.


and they could up in Tuscaloosa, for example, which deserve to be a bit of a nuisance as you"re about to watch if you have to keep a secret, especially, for example, if your mystery is around murder.


To start with, this kind young woman was simply a girl that 17 ago in 07 when things began coming apart in the method things do when parents don"t talk about it. Kelsey Mayfield witnessed that troubled watch in she mom"s eyes, mainly her mom, Teresa.


I can just tell she was very stressed and very clearly what it was she to be stressed about.


Money would be the main thing. She just wanted to be certain that she had enough enough money come take care of she family.


A most that walking around. The course, Mountville no accepted. Prefer so countless Americans, Kelsey"s dad, Scott, had to work two jobs, no of which paid very well just to store his head over water.


however money problem aside, Theresa seemed to have actually a happy life as anybody could see, consisting of Teresa"s mother Reba Altrusa ever before wanted, to be to have actually a husband the cared for her, somebody she cared for and also have a family.


and also it was sweet and kind of corny, and even ~ Kelsey"s two small brothers arrived, she could see the indicators of she parent"s affection because that each other every night before he gained ready to walk to work, he would give her a kiss on the cheek and say, goodnight, i love you to the town.


Teresa was the softball mommy in the tribe of a car, always a version of basketball. She shuttling kids back and forth.


i remember the was a time wherein I had actually a softball game and also in college we had actually a baseball video game all in ~ the very same time. And she continued to be 30 minute at constantly going 30 minute a Tigers video game with 30 minute at my game, simply watching top top the clock to make certain it was all equal.


She was just an remarkable mother. There was nothing the she would not execute for myself or for my 2 brothers.


Teresa drove turn off to operation errands and didn"t come back. Kelsey was babysitting the guys at eight and also 11 hours. Ticked by, she referred to as her mom. Where space you? and also she didn"t answer, and also then I referred to as her ago around lunch and she didn"t answer. I called her pretty lot all work long.


her dad to be at work. Her mom was doing wherein this wasn"t like her to execute this. Now, is she the sort of human who would take her cell phone v her everywhere?


Yes, it to be attached to she hip. You could always easily get hold the her and also you couldn"t know. By nightfall, tho no native Kelsie was in the panic. She referred to as her dad, that by now had actually gone indigenous his day project to his night change at a neighborhood factory. I"m certain you told your dad the you to be worried.


you know, we maintained in touch during the day to check out if one if one of us had talked to her. Did that seem to it is in worried? that did. And we can never get in touch with her.


at midnight, it was clear something was terribly wrong. Scott left work to paper a missing persons report with the Moundsville police, and then they all waited. What to be it choose for you that night?


It to be awful. Ns was an extremely scared once she didn"t come home, and also I pretty lot knew in my heart that something was wrong.


The next morning, claimed Kelsey, she woke up in a home that no longer felt favor home. She dubbed her grandmother, Reba, at her residence in Prattville, a town two hrs away.


She said, Yes, Mama, down there, your house. Ns said, no, no, she"s no here. And also she said. Mama didn"t come home, i that what to be going ~ above here? Oh, I"m just transforming upside down. Girlfriend know, I"m simply tired and also I"m not.


Mama Kamiar, she said, trace this message. Ns said, well, ns said, let me make some phone calls appropriate away.


Ashley referred to as the sheriff of her town and he dubbed Sheriff Ellis to check out if castle knew anything. And also his response to me was as bad. It"s bad. It certainly was. They had discovered Teresa"s van on a dirt road much less than a mile native home. She was slumped behind the wheel and she to be dead and also this lot was perfectly clear. That wasn"t an accident. Comes up, the examination begins, we had actually ourselves who gain her to this location and why was she murdered?


When secrets in a small town continues. It was a lover"s lane, a quiet, dusty, dead finish road miles from main Street, Moundsville. This uncommonly traversed a automobile with engine running, tail lights blazing late into the night might go unnoticed. The was here they found Teresa Mayfield"s truck human body inside, gunshot wound to the head, Theresa"s younger sister damaged the devastating news to their mother.


as soon as I saw the house, Mamo said in the recliner, i knelt down on mine knees and also I grabbed her and I said, Mama, she"s gone. She"s gone. Do you have any type of idea? How tough was Teresa"s daughter, Kelsey had spent a sleepless night waiting in vain because that her mommy to come home. Just how did you uncover out? my dad came and also told my brothers that it was just awful realizing the your worst nightmare had actually come true. For a quick second, I assumed she had actually committed suicide just due to the fact that I knew just how stressed the end she was.


Everybody that knew Theresa knew that even Sheriff Kenneth Ellis, that drove the end to the crime scene, if that"s what it was. Corporal note Boyd, Alabama office of Investigation, met the there. This case was kind of personal for you, Sheriff. Yes, mine daughter and Mr. Reese and Scott"s daughter, castle play soft ball together. So you see Teresa the end of the ballpark and also every game that feel like component of my family was down to. They had actually a look about the truck, no sign of a battle dusting revealed no viable fingerprints.


There to be no footprints, not even a loosened hair. Possibly. To be there any type of thought as soon as you witnessed the scene the this to be a suicide that was things missing that prevent the suicide theory, yet like what if you"re going come commit suicide with a gun?


It"s normally at the same. It was clear Theresa had actually been murdered, shot v a gun which was currently missing, and also what to be more, she cell phone, the one that was constantly attached to her hip, was i do not have anything to be found. Did it look like it might have been a robbery?


Well, the wallet wasn"t taken. The purse was on the console, yet the contents of the purse had been dumped the end in her lap.


A clumsy effort at staging, you might say. Yes, yet there was one vital clue the killer left behind.


we noticed that the only window down to be the driver"s window. So we figured she had actually to have known the person. Because she let down her once we had actually AKs ourself who might get she to this location and why was she murdered?


We"re investigating she inner circle, trying to discover a motive. And usually for this reason I"m called in situations like this, the husband has got to it is in a human being of interest. Yes. For this reason is the family gathered to mourn the lose of your beloved Teresa? Scott couldn"t be v them. The was down at the sheriff"s office comment questions and also came willingly. Yes, no issue. Did he asked for an lawyer or anything or.


girlfriend know, the did not. Corporal Boyd chatted with Scott because that three long hours and also during the whole time he to be cooperative and also helpful. You know, the standard inquiries that we would ask is, you know, is anyone having actually an to work or space you having an affair? No. What, she having actually an affair?


No. Great marriage. Happy marriage. Christian marriage. Right. I asked them, did they argue? He stated no.


Scott reply all your questions around what Teresa was claimed to be doing that morning. The told them the phoned Teresa native his morning job on a farm, a wake up call, and then around two hours later, she dubbed him. Yet the contact faded out. He couldn"t listen a thing.

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and Scott claimed that the sounded favor she was on the road. He thought nothing that it. Climate he said, But. Yet now was it a distress call? No means to know. But there was one thing that contact certainly resolved for investigators. Scott might not have actually killed Teresa. He to be something prefer 30 miles far up near Tuscaloosa, had a breakfast receipt come prove it. He had stopped at a Hardee"s and had a receipt mirroring that he was there.