My initial character and guild from DarkfallMy fascination v the Darkfall resurgence projects continues to grow, and also I’ve newly become aware of another project called Darkfall: increase of Agon. Uneven Darkfall: new Dawn, rise of Agon is spring to basically bring ago the original Darkfall.

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New Dawn is search to take the structure of Darkfall and also create the game we should have been given. That’s my take on these two projects, but to try and bring one more perspective in i asked Marc Thompson, command Developer and CEO of Ub3rgames (the company making brand-new Dawn) a few questions. He was kind sufficient to reply, and I will say currently that he was very professional and did no rag on increase of Agon in ~ all. He was rather objective, and also my questions, albeit brief, weren’t straightforward PR questions.

Keen: How does brand-new Dawn differ from increase of Agon?

Marc Thompson: “In our opinion, both projects have merits, however their strategy is really different. What they do have in common is a desire to have actually diminishing return on stats (they speak to it front loading) and some form of specialization. They did not get in into details yet, when we’ve had every little thing ready on our website because that a few weeks, yet I believe that we space going additional than them concerning balancing the strength gap. Our title device will be more than likely more specialized than them, as this is quite a polarizing issue in the current community. To it is in honest, we’re curious to watch what they will certainly release.”

Keen: Why must someone choose to it is in excited for and also follow, and also ideally play, new Dawn over climb of Agon?

Marc Thompson: “On ours side, we are less nostalgic, or at the very least we try not to it is in blinded by ours love of the game. We believe that Darkfall was no a sustainable product earlier then and also are no afraid of doing the vital changes. We desire to mix the dreams we had throughout the exaggeration in 2008 v what worked well in Darkfall 2012 and the successful gamings in the genre.”

<…> “We will focus a lot on getting much more play styles viable and also getting players to enjoy the game sooner. We’re making alters that space unpopular through the so late Darkfall crowd however was request by the beforehand Darkfall crowd. Like less grind, much more specialization and also a well balanced meta game. We are not act sandbox because that the services of sandbox however as a tool to fuel activities. The regional banking is there for trading to emerge, along dedicated crafters and highwaymen. Us are expanding holdings and also villages for human being to have something they can call home and want come fight for. We’re doing skill decay for players to remain interested in the world and also collaborate through each other. Very same for racial wars and also our engaged/alignment system, we desire to develop a feeling of larger community, what girlfriend would call realm pride. We room not fear to usage “gamey” mechanics if it method it serves a purpose.”

Marc really hit top top a crucial point for me. You males all recognize that i really hated so much around Darkfall since of what Aventurine screwed up, and also because of just how the football player (who room 99% toxicity trash) ruined the experience. Rise of Agon looks to recreate that playground for the deranged sociopaths. Brand-new Dawn is feather to administer an suffer that ns personally believe is a better game. I prefer that lock aren’t afraid to use gamey mechanics. I choose that they’re thinking more along the currently of ‘how can we make this game fun’ fairly than ‘how have the right to we recreate this social experiment gone terrible awry.’ (All my straight and very poignant words, mental you.)

If you’re interested in an ext New Dawn talk, Marc to be on The Sandbox’s podcast.


To pave this up, I desire to say that whether or not any kind of of this projects ever before get to fruition doesn’t issue as much as the overarching idea the making better games. Darkfall really sucked in so many ways, however if a team have the right to make the better? an ext power to them. The goes for every games, and one of the countless reasons why I assistance fan-based initiatives. I’m a P99 fan and SWG EMu fan; I’ve play plenty of UO shards. Bring back what works, toss out the rest, and continue to improve.

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There’s a lot of for developers (the ones no in basements) to discover from this mentality. There’s a lot because that players come learn right here as well. I supplied to be exceptionally preachy on this subject, and perhaps it’s time for me come dust off my soapbox for one more round. Identify what you like about MMOs, what friend don’t like, and demand developers quit addressing what isn’t broken or focusing on flash-in-the-pan gimmicks. Go back to substance, and return come making MMOs fun.