As one of the renowned reviews for the computer version that Dark Souls 3 says, "The hardcore starts below even before the game launches." and this is true, due to the fact that From Software seems to have chose to repeat what happened with the first part, recognized for its disgusting job-related on an individual computers. Well, let"s figure out just how to settle the most usual errors, bugs and other difficulties of pc gaming.

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However, if Dark Souls: Prepare to die Edition behaved equally badly on all computers, then the third part behaves an ext sophisticated, selectively causing a range of glitches and also crashes come the desktop computer strictly on specific configurations. Together it turned the end after collecting statistics, the owners of video cards from Nvidia turned the end to be the most susceptible to assorted errors, when the red camp (AMD) reports only minimal failures.

Nevertheless, this is just a basic picture, and also the devil, as they say, is in the details. Therefore, let"s move on to the key topic the this post - solving technical troubles in Dark Souls 3.


Dark Souls 3 system requirements

Minimum device requirements:

OS: home windows 7 (x64 only);Processor: Intel core i3-2100 3.1 GHz | AMD FX-6300 3,5 GHz;RAM: 4 GB;Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti | AMD Radeon HD 7950;Жесткий диск: 25 GB;DirectX Version: 11 version.

Recommended mechanism requirements:

OS: home windows 7/8.1/10 (x64 only);Processor: Intel core i7-3770 3,4 GHz | AMD FX-8350 4 GHz;RAM: 8 GB;Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 | AMD Radeon R9 series;Жесткий диск: 50 GB;DirectX Version: 11 version.

Traditionally, we will talk about this information. First, ~ the tests, it i do not care clear that the minimum needs are based upon the assumption that a user v such a configuration will certainly receive an ext or less stable 30 frames every second. For this reason the Intel core i3, which offers the deceptive expectation that the video game is slightly an ext demanding 보다 Dark Souls 2, which, together you know, functioned on anything in ~ all, and extremely stable.


But even a an effective video card will hardly offer you "reinforced concrete" 60 fps, since the game, in addition to every its various other problems, is fairly poorly optimized, and also this applies to video clip cards the both the red and also green camp. We room waiting for new drivers and also hope because that the best.

Files, drivers and also libraries

Is over there a black color or white screen in Dark Souls 3? Solution

Two colors space two various problems, no matter how trite it may sound.

A black screen in Dark Souls 3 is usually linked with a succeeding crash, and also the user obtain a "Dark Souls 3 stopped working" error together a "gift".

This happens once the video game simply cannot load also in the menu, which is usually as result of either lacking files, drivers and libraries (see above) or non-compliance with system requirements (again, view above).


But the white screen is a common error the the program code, which likewise popped up during the gift of the computer version the the video game at exhibitions. To settle the white screen, upgrade the video game to variation 1.03. However, if you have a licensed variation of the video game that girlfriend honestly bought on Steam, the update will be download automatically.

Mouse or key-board not functioning in Dark Souls 3? Solution

Control worries are far from new to gamings from the mostly console developer From Software.

Although nominally there space mouse and also keyboard controls in Dark Souls 3, in fact it is sometimes less complicated to just play through a gamepad.

If you perform not have actually a desire to adjust from the usual "keyboard mouse", then we have the right to advise you to disconnect all various other USB tools before beginning the game, due to the fact that a fail in operation may be because of the fact that a large number the devices reason a problem in the system, because of which at startup and the troubles begin.

Controller not functioning in Dark Souls 3? Solution

And sometimes it happens the other means around - you desire to play with a gamepad, yet the video game simply does no perceive it. In this case, you need to recognize that Dark Souls 3 on pc absolutely works correctly just with official devices from the Xbox.

Thus, if you decide to play on the "left" controller, climate mentally prepare yourself to usage the energy X360CE (Xbox 360 Contorller Emulator) which, together the surname suggests, provides the system think you space playing on an Xbox 360 controller.

By the way, if you very own a playstations 4, however decide to buy the pc version that the video game to enjoy the divine 60fps, then you will certainly be curious to know that the X360CE works great with the DualShock 4, for this reason you have the right to plug the in and also play v it is the same as on the console.

Dark Souls 3 crashes? Solution

This is among the most annoying problems challenged by pc players that Dark Souls 3. We wrote above that the game works disgustingly v cards from Nvidia, and this is expressed not only in poor performance, but additionally in the existence of many crashes, the nature of which is still no clear.


Most often, football player complain the Dark Souls 3 crashes after the first fire, after i m sorry the crash repeats after ~ trying to sit at any kind of other checkpoint in the game. You can think that these are the developers having fun, hinting that in one amicable way their production should be excellent without fires in ~ all, and also therefore there is no saving, but this is the most natural an insect that will certainly be resolved in the next patch.

For now, you can use the following working solutions:

Reduce the top quality of lighting in the video game settings to a minimum;Choose a knight class at the start or undertake a helmet that fully covers the character"s head (don"t questioning why this works, us don"t know).

Dark Souls 3 crashes? Solution


And, of course, the doesn"t hurt to lower the graphics settings, this deserve to also assist squeeze the end a couple of extra frames per 2nd from the game.

Is there no sound in Dark Souls 3?

If girlfriend are faced with the reality that over there is no sound in the game, then first try launching other games or applications. If there is no sound in them, climate the problem is common and also is hardly straight related come Dark Souls 3.

However, if there are no difficulties with sound in the system, climate it is precious trying to test exactly how the game perceives a different sound card. To do this, move from a discrete card to an incorporated (embedded) one.

However, if this does no help, and the sound tho does no appear, climate most likely this is a bug, which method that every that continues to be is to educate the developers on the main forum that the project.

Dark Souls 3 giving a absent DLL record Error? Solution

If the game refuses to let you right into its devilish world, demonstrating the equally cruel error of absent a DLL file, then we have a very straightforward and practically solution. You must download a small program DLL-fixer, which enables you to install any required DLL paper in a couple of clicks.

Dark Souls 3 white screen - This is just one of the most typical mistakes when starting the famed RPG. This difficulty is characterized by a complete crash of the game client, and the i can not qualify to move the computer mouse cursor. After rebooting the system, nothing changes.

There are several reasons and also fixes because that the white display when starting DarkSouls 3:

Working with mechanism folders

Go come the root directory of Dark Soul and also find the DarkSouls.ini file, which opens as a message document. Next, you should find the line through the display resolution, setting it come the minimum value.

Borrowing resources

The situation when the video game does no start, the white screen can annoy also the most calm gamer. To resolve the trouble with the second option, you will need a simple knowledge of pc capabilities. Textures may not load due to lack of RAM, therefore you need to rise the paging file. This is done as follows:

Computer properties.We discover the item additional system parameters.Next, us head come the power sectionWe get in the classification of online memory.We collection a value that will be greater than the collection one (it is encourage to increase the maximum 2 times).

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Hello, now I challenged such a problem as a white display in dark souls III. And also I myself accidentally discovered a equipment to this problem. Ns just determined Windows 7 compatibility (I have actually Windows 10) and run together administrator through default.To do this, right-click top top the shortcut and also click properties, pick the compatibility tab, and where it says "compatibility mode" below, check the box and select home windows 7.After below where it states "change high dpi settings" above this button, examine the box and click use / OK.And you deserve to play.