This guide gives instructions on just how to totally free a prisoner called Irina from an Undead settlement prison cabinet in Dark Souls 3. We will present you where to discover the Mortician’s Ashes and Grave vital needed come unlock the course to her jail cell. Irina can come to be a vendor where players deserve to purchase wonder spells and also other items. Monitor our steps listed below to cost-free Irina from she cell and add her as a new resident to Firelink Shrine.

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Irina that Carim is being organized in a jail cell in ~ the Undead Settlement. We will certainly presume you have explored this location and also are generally familiar with the area. If friend need help navigating the Undead Settlement, consult our Dark Souls 3 Undead negotiation Walkthrough for further details.

When travel to the gigantic tower south east of the boss chamber in the Undead Settlement, you may recall meeting a knight named Eygon the Carim follow me the way. Eygon is the mace-wielding NPC that sits external of a jail cell just prior to the entrance to the high tower. The cabinet door can not be opened up from the outside, so you will must reach Irina with an alternating route.

Irina’s prison cell have the right to be reached via a locked passage in the sewers. To achieve the Grave Key that unlocks the sewage system door, friend must first retrieve the Mortician’s Ashes native the graveyard past the Dilapidated leg Bonfire. This is the course that continually bombards you v spears thrown indigenous afar.

If girlfriend have already met and also befriended the large at the peak of the tower, the spears along the graveyard route will no much longer hurt you. The giant’s spears will certainly still target adversaries along the graveyard path, which makes the trek for collectibles much easier.


To collection the Mortician’s Ashes, travel to the Dilapidated bridge bonfire and head forward to the graveyard. Curve increase the hill to the left through the tombstones, previous the little maintenance shack. Collect the Mortician’s Ashes from a corpse in ~ the base of a big tree.

With the Mortician’s Ashes in tow, travel back to Firelink Shrine and also speak come the Shrine Handmaid. Give her the Mortician’s Ashes, and also she will upgrade her perform items. Purchase the Grave key from she for 1,500 souls, and also return come the Undead Settlement.


From here, us will explain the various enemies and collectibles you have the right to expect to discover on your trek come Irina, so the you leaving nothing valuable behind. Take trip to the Dilapidated leg bonfire once more, and also head right across the bridge right into the sewers. Drop down, and also eliminate any kind of attacking rats. Continue left with the sewer tunnel, and look for a locked door door just past the fog. Use the Grave crucial to unlock the gate.

Enter the gate and drop under the ladder. Revolve right and also continue to the end of the tunnel to uncover a statue of Velka, the Goddess the Sin, where you deserve to pray for absolution. Collect the Loincloth from the corpse, and turn roughly to continue through the tunnel passage.


At the end of the passage, rotate left to collect a Red Hilted Halberd from the corpse on the elevated platform. Continue through the curved archway ahead into the next room. Prepare to face several skeletal enemies who kind from the continues to be on the floor. These enemies are rather straightforward to take it down, however will come lively once more after a brief time. Defeat the skeletons, and loot the Soul of an Unknown Traveler in the facility of the room before the enemies reanimate.

Continue v the passage, and watch out for another skeleton who creates just after ~ you pass beneath the archway. Defeat this enemy, and also another skeletal adversary on the communication ahead. Revolve the edge to the best to with the drain exit.


Check out our Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and also Guide come learn exactly how to recruit much more NPCs come Firelink Shrine.

As you departure the passage, watch the end for any kind of enemies that may have actually fallen indigenous the leg above. Turn appropriate to uncover a Crystal Lizard and a pair the collectibles in the huge open area. The crystal Lizard will scurry away as you approach, so be ready to attack the little critter to get a Heavy Gem. The 2 left corpses hold Titanite Shards. However, watch out for one ambush from above when girlfriend grab this items.

Return towards the sewage system exit, and turn appropriate through the chasm. Use an arrowhead or another ranged strike to shoot down the hanging corpse above, and also collect the Blessed Red and also White Shield +1 from the body the drops.

Enter the curved archway on the left. Drop under off the communication onto the lower floor. Together you strategy the corpse next to the ladder, a group of rats will arise from assorted holes come ambush you. Hit of the rodents, and also pillage the corpse to obtain the Saint’s Talisman.


Climb the ladder and also continue increase the stairway to reach Irina of Carim’s cell. Speak come Irina, who is sitting in the corner. As soon as prompted, touch Irina to get the Prayer gesture. Speak to Irina once more to expropriate her right into your service, whereby she will teleport come Firelink Shrine. As soon as finished, exit the prison cell through the gate and speak through Eygon as soon as more. That agrees to help you for now, as lengthy as Irina is safe.

Now you have the right to return to Firelink Shrine to acquisition blessings and miracle items from Irina. To find Irina, go under the staircase to the best of Blacksmith Andre, and also continue with the corridor more to the right. Irina sells assorted Miracle spells and also blessings, as well as a Saint’s Ring.

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When you collection Braille magnificent Tomes on her journey, friend can lug these tomes come Irina to update the species of miracles and also spells offered in her inventory. However, exercise caution when offering her Deep or Londor Braille Tomes, together these permit Irina to market Dark Miracles. Irina"s overall well being is based on whether you acquisition Light or Dark miracle spells, so select your to buy carefully.