I've been farming the memory of Jeigh favor crazy, and sometimes decide to death the huge Lord, so i have about 6 large Lord souls in my inventory. Carry out those count as 5 gigantic Souls, or carry out they only count as 1 large Soul for fighting Vendrick?

I'm playing SOFS and on my first playthrough if that makes any kind of difference.

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edit many thanks for every the comments. I'll shot with the 1 soul, however I'll probably offer up if the fight too difficult. We'll see.


It is feasible to farm Souls of A huge from the old Dragon. Usage Bonfire Ascetic in ~ the Dragon Shrine to do him respawn again.

Didn't check out the comments so forgive me if ns repeat Vendrick initially has actually 32 time his base defence and also devided through 2 because that every soul you need to a minimum the 1*base defence no matter if friend 99 giant souls he'll still have base defence

Good luck humping his left leg for 5 minutes directly !

6 large Lord souls in mine inventory. Execute those count together 5 giant Souls, or carry out they just count together 1 gigantic Soul because that fighting Vendrick?

Neither. The just thing the matters space items named "Soul the a giant". You gain one from storage of Jeigh indigenous the dead gigantic at the very end. Ns don't believe they respawn with ascetics.

OH NO! i remember the soul and also I spent it there is no a 2nd thought. After doing part reading, I've involved realize the I've squandered all the souls I've acquired in memories, and the black gulch soul. Mine one and only option now is the old dragon.

Fighting Vendrick with only one spirit of a giant is going to be rough, however you can do a couple of things to make the fight easier, need to you attempt it.

First, you're one of two people going to require the Bracing Knuckle Ring +2, a ridge of fix Powders, and also multiple weapons, or you're walking to must use a damaged Santier's Spear. Vendrick's absurd trust is walk to shred your weapons, and also you'll require to regulate it.

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Secondly, you have actually at the very least one way to bypass Vendrick's distinct defenses. If you inflict Bleed on him, it will certainly proc 200 damages to the directly, allowing you to inflict damages in chunks after building up number of hits. I don't know if Poison works the same way, yet it's worth looking into. Sequentially inflicting both could be the best way to execute this, in your situation.